Wondering if you would be able to connect your Roku device to a secondary TV at the same time. Yes, you can, but to do this, you need to use third-party devices to split the video so you can stream it on different TVs. First, we will discuss how I can connect a second TV to my Roku.

Methods to Add a Secondary TV To My Roku

You can add a second TV to your Roku using two different methods, and they are:

  • Using Wired Connection
  • Using Wireless Connection

How to Add a Second TV To My Roku Using Wired Connection

If you want to connect a second TV to your Roku device, it can be done using HDMI Splitter. Likewise, you can send signals from your single Roku device to multiple TVs using an HDMI splitter.

1. First, you need to buy an HDMI Splitter.

Note: When buying an HDMI Splitter, make sure you buy a good one because the quality of the HDMI Splitter determines the quality of the digital signals that are copied. And also reduce the interference due to longer cable lengths.

HDMI Splitter - How Do I Connect a Second TV to My Roku

2. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the Roku HDMI outlet and the other end to the HDMI Splitter.

3. Take two separate HDMI cables and connect one end to the HDMI port on your TV.

4. Connect the other ends of your HDMI Splitter.

5. Now, Roku will be available on both your TVs, and you will enjoy streaming your favorite content.

Tips! If you feel this account is no longer useful, you can delete the Roku Account anytime.

How to Add a Second TV To My Roku Using Wireless Connection

There used to be a device called Rabbit that could help you transmit a TV signal to multiple TVs. But now, with the development of technology, many other devices can help you do the same.

1. Buy an HDMI Wireless Transmitter.

HDMI Wireless Transmitter

2. Connect One end of the HDMI cable to your Roku device and the other to your HDMI Wireless Transmitter.

3. Using another HDMI cable, connect one end to your HDMI wireless Transmitter and the other end to your TV.

4. Connect the Wireless receiver to your other TV. You can now stream content available on your Roku on both of your TVs.


Do we need to have separate Roku accounts on all Roku devices?

No, you don’t need a create a new Roku account every time you buy a new Roku device. Just having a single Roku account is sufficient.

Can you have two Roku boxes in one house?

Yes, you can have two or more Roku boxes in one house. But you need to make sure that you have sufficient bandwidth.