fuboTV, launched on Jan 1, 2015, has grown up into a well-established streaming platform today. It primarily focused on providing live sports channels, which turned out to be a winning formula for gaining millions in revenue and user base. Currently, it offers over 100 live TV channels and movies. But it is one of the highly-priced TV streaming apps which has even its base plan of $65. This isn’t suitable for all users and has become the sole reason for membership cancellation. If you are one among them with a Roku device looking for ways to cancel the fuboTV subscription, you are at the right place.

Ways to Cancel fuboTV Subscription on Roku

There are many ways to cancel your fuboTV subscription. If you have subscribed to it using Roku Pay, then you need to cancel it via your Roku Account. You can access your Roku account either with a Roku device or through the Roku website. But for those who have gotten a fuboTV subscription from its official website, then you can cancel your subscription only through it.

How to Cancel fuboTV Subscription on Roku Device

1. Power on your Roku device and connect it to the internet.

2. Go to Roku’s home screen by pressing the Home button on Roku remote.

Go to Roku's home screen

3. By using the arrow keys provided on your Roku remote, navigate to the fuboTV channel.

4. Now, the fuboTV app gets highlighted. Press the asterisk (*) button on your remote.

5. Your TV now displays a list of subscriptions. Choose Manage subscription from the list.

Choose manage subscription and find ways on how to cancel fuboTV on Roku

6. In that, click Cancel subscription.

Choose cancel subscription and find ways on how to cancel fuboTV on Roku

7. Then, select Cancel subscription in that confirmatory pop-up.

Click cancel subscription

8. Finally, click Done to finish the process.

9. Your subscription will get canceled after this. But you’ll get access to it till the expiration of your previous subscription

How to Cancel fuboTV Subscription Using Roku Website

This is another method where we cancel the subscription via Roku’s website.

1. Open a browser and go to Roku’s official website.

2. Click on Sign in provided at the top and get into your Roku account.

3. After logging into your account, tap on the Manage your subscriptions option under the Manage account tab.

Cancel fuboTV on Roku website

4. Now, in the list of subscriptions, choose fuboTV and click Unsubscribe.

Click Unsubscribe and do how to cancel fuboTV on Roku

5. Then, click Yes, Unsubscribe to confirm cancellation.

6. Your subscription gets canceled. But, if you have a change of mind, then you can also renew it by just clicking the Renew button.

How to Cancel fuboTV Subscription on fuboTV Website

As already said, if you have subscribed to fuboTV through its official website, you can cancel it only through its website. To cancel the subscription,

1. Open any web browser, go to fuboTV’s official website, and sign in to your fuboTV account.

2. Tap on your Profile and choose My Account from the drop-down.

Scroll down and select My Account

3. Select the Subscription & Billing option provided on the left.

Click on Subscription & Billing

4. In that, scroll down and find Cancel subscription. Then, click on it.

5. Now, again, press Cancel subscription on the confirmation screen.

6. After this, a Special Deal screen would appear. It displays one-time discount offers on a few channels and plans. If you are tempted by their offers and want to reconsider your decision, press Redeem Offer and get fuboTV at a discounted price.

7. If not, click the Cancel Subscription button and OK on the next screen to unsubscribe from fuboTV successfully.

Cancel subscription of fuboTV

NOTE: fuboTV also offers its users to pause their subscription instead of canceling it wholly. Upon choosing pause, users won’t get charged till you resume it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any similar apps like fuboTV on Roku?

Yes, there are many similar apps to fuboTV on Roku. Some of them are YouTube TV, Sling TV, and ESPN on Roku.

2. What’s the price of fuboTV on Roku?

fuboTV on Roku offers 4 kinds of plans, namely Pro, Elite, Premier, and Latino, which cost $74.99, $84.99, $94.99, and $32.99 per month, respectively.