Sharp TVs with Roku OS combined to give a premium home entertainment experience. With the combined support of Roku and Sharp TV, you get access to thousands of streaming channels and 200 + live TV channels. Not only that since Roku has a tie-up with almost all the major OTT platforms like Netflix and Hulu. Sharp Roku TV users have always complained about the black screen because of some internal and external issues. So, if you are facing any such kind of issue, you can refer to the following section to fix the issue.

Different Methods to Fix Sharp Roku TV Black Screen Issue

In the following section, you will get all the possible methods you can try to fix the Sharp Roku TV black screen issue.

Power Cycling Sharp Roku TV

A power cycle is a simple yet effective method to fix your Sharp Roku TV. By doing this method, your TV gets a soft reset of the TV, and that helps to delete some of the corrupt files causing the screen to go blank.

Different Methods to Fix Sharp Roku TV Black Screen

[1] Turn off your TV with your remote.

[2] Unplug the power cord of your Sharp Roku TV.

[3] Now, wait for 5-10 minutes. After that, connect your Sharp Roku TV to a power supply and turn it on. Finally, you have power cycled your Roku device-connected TV.

You can also do a quick restart of your Roku remote to fix the Roku remote not working issue.

[1] Remove the batteries from the battery compartment.

[2] Now hold down the Power button.

[3] Hold the button until the Roku remote’s LED stops working.

[4] Put the battery back into the battery compartment.

With that, you have power cycled both your Sharp Roku TV and TV remote.

Backlight Issues of the TV

One of the major causes of the black screen can be the backlight of the panel going bad. Backlight illuminates the pixels of the LED/ LCD panels. You can try inspecting the Roku TV’s backlight by the steps mentioned below.

[1] Shine bright light from the torch or phone’s flashlight on the TV.

[2] Make sure that the TV is on.

[3] Look out for any dimly lit pixels where the torchlight is hitting.

In case you find any dimly light pixels in your panels, you can be sure that the backlight is at fault. If your Roku TV is within the warranty period, you can easily get it fixed or repaired by contacting Sharp Roku TV support.

Checking the Resolution of Sharp Roku TV

Sometimes you might be able to hear the volume, but the screen would just go blank. This might happen because of the Sharp Roku TV resolution issues.

There are often times when the Sharp Roku TV might not be supporting the resolution; in that scenario best thing to do is either put the resolution to Auto Detect or lower the resolution.

Checking the Resolution of Sharp Roku TV

You can try some troubleshooting methods mentioned down below.

[1] You can turn on/off the Overscan.

[2] Adjusting the Zoom level of the TV.

[3] Lastly, you can try changing the resolution to Auto Detect.

  • Note: if a black screen still appears, you try adjusting the resolution to 720p and keep changing until a suitable working resolution is found.

Adjusting the Auto-Dimming of the Sharp Roku TV

Auto-dimming is a feature of the Sharp Roku TV. This feature adjusts the brightness of the screen automatically based on the time of the day or the abundance of light available.

There are times when the Optical Picture Control malfunctions. This can lead to a dim screen or pitch-black darkness. Follow the steps to turn this feature off.

[1] Select Settings from the Home menu.

[2] Now, browse through the list and select Advanced Settings.

[3] The OPC option will be visible in a new drop-down option.

[4] Toggle the setting to off and restart the TV.

You can also toggle the Auto-Contact option in the Advanced settings option itself. This will also disable any automatic dimming settings.

Checking the Cable Connections to the TV

There might sometimes be cable connectivity issues. During this time, you can follow the troubleshooting method below to fix the issue.

Power Cable

Power cable, if not inserted carefully, might cause a black screen on your TV. If the cable is at fault, it can affect the screen to turn black too.

If the connection is improper, it can lead to Banding Problems. This can cause a gradual shift of images made from a particular color. Sometimes that particular color is black, and this leads to a blank screen. To fix this issue, you will have to recalibrate the display to its default factory settings. You can do this Factory resetting which we will discuss later in the article.

If there is an improper flow of power supply, a blinking red light on Roku issue will occur. You can fix it by re-inserting the power cord correctly. If you can still see the red light blinking, you can try using an alternative power cable. The red light will stop blinking once the improper power supply is fixed.

HDMI Cable

The HDMI connection can be a possible problem too. Follow some of the troubleshooting methods mentioned below to fix the issue.

Checking the Cable connections to the TV

[1] Try using a different HDMI port.

[2] Restart the TV and try adjusting the source of HDMI, which will be named HDMI1,2, or 3.

[3] If the HDMI is still not registering, you can try using a replacement HDMI.

System Restart of the TV

Restarting your Roku TV is one of the methods you can try to fix the black screen issues on your Roku TV. And if you can only see the black screen issues on your Roku TV, it will be difficult for you to restart Roku Tv from the Settings. However, there is an easy way for you to restart Roku using your remote. To do that, you can refer to the section below:

Note: If you can see your Rou TV display partially, you can do a system restart from the Settings > System > System Restart > Restart.

On your Roku remote, perform the following functions to restart your Roku TV.

[1] Click the Home button 5 times on your Roku remote.

[2] Now press the Up arrow one time.

[3] Now click on the Rewind button twice.

[4] Press the Fast Forward button 2 times in the end.

In case you have any issues with your Roku remote, you can use the Sharp Roku TV remote app.

After following these steps, you can see that your Roku TV is turning off. After that, your Roku TV will turn on automatically. It might even fix the Sharp Roku TV turning black screen issue.

Check for System Updates for Sharp Roku TV

Check for System Updates for Sharp Roku TV

By doing a quick System Update of your Roku TV, you can fix many of the bugs and glitches that might be leading to the Black screen. Follow the steps mentioned below to do so.

Note: You can only perform the following function only if you can see the Sharp Roku TV display partially.

[1] Go to the Settings option from the home page.

[2] Now, select the System option.

[3] Click on the System Update under System settings.

[4] Now, tap on the Check now option to see if there are any available updates.

Check for System Updates for Sharp Roku TV

Wait until your Roku TV checks for any possible update. In case there is a System update found, your Roku TV will download the update and will be installed automatically. After that, the black screen issue of your Sharp Roku TV will be fixed.

Factory Resetting the Sharp Roku TV

You can Factory Reset your Roku TV directly from settings, but if the settings don’t work, we have an alternative method. Since this is a Sharp Roku TV, there will be a Reset button on the back panel. By using that we are going to hard reset the Sharp Roku TV to fix the black screen issue.

How to Factory Reset with Remote

Follow the steps mentioned below to reset your Sharp Roku TV.

[1] Go to Settings on the home page.

[2] Now select the System option.

[3] In the System section, scroll down and select Advanced System Settings.

[4] Select the Factory Reset option.

[5] Enter the code below the dial pad.

Factory Resetting the Sharp Roku TV

Once you have pressed OK, you will be given a final disclaimer. Click on the Start Factory Reset, and the process will begin. This method is quite useful for scenarios where you might have unknowingly changed some settings leading to the Sharp Roku TV turning black.

Alternative method: Force Factory Reset

You can reset your Sharp Roku TV with an alternative method. All the Sharp TVs have a panel with all kinds of buttons. By using a certain button, you can Hard reset your devices using this method.

[1] Remove the Power Cord of your Sharp Roku TV.

Alternative method: Force Factory Reset

[2] Now hold down the Channel Down and the Input Button.

[3] Now keep pressing those buttons while simultaneously putting the power cord in.

[4] Keep holding down the buttons till the TV turns on.

[5] Using the remote, go to the Service Mode menu.

[6] Now choose Factory Reset in the menu.

[7] Click on the Ok button of your remote.

By doing so, you will revert the Sharp Roku TV back to the Default settings.


Why can I only see a black screen on my Sharp Roku TV?

The power cable may be faulty, or the display backlight may have failed if the TV screen is black, but the audio will be available. In the meanwhile, all you have to do to fix a problem with your TV if there is no video or audio is to just restart the TV.

2. Why the red light is blinking on my Roku TV?

If the red warning light is steady or blinking, but your Roku TV won’t switch on, you most likely have a hardware problem with the power supply.