Spectrum TV is an online streaming platform that primarily offers HD channels and content to its users. It is also available in smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, etc. It also offers primetime on-demand content, news, kids & family channels, etc. Compared to other rivals like YouTube TV and Amazon Prime, Spectrum TV offers more than 50,000+ titles, movies, shows, etc. The subscription cost of Spectrum TV is too high, while the base plan costs $45/month. So if you have subscribed and want to know how to cancel Spectrum TV on Roku, we will explain to you the steps on how to cancel the Spectrum TV subscription on Roku.

Spectrum TV has many premium channels like SHOWTIME, The Movie Channel, STARZ, HBO Max, etc. Also has world-famous kids titles like Dora The Explorer, Disney The Wild, etc. Spectrum TV also offers unlimited calls, when you bundle it with the package while purchasing any subscription.

How to Cancel Spectrum TV on Roku?

You can cancel Spectrum TV subscription on Roku using three different methods. In this article, we explain you the methods on how to cancel Spectrum TV:

  1. Using Roku device.
  2. Using Roku website.
  3. With Spectrum TV customer care.

How to Cancel Spectrum TV subscription on Roku?

1. Switch ON the Roku device and Press Home button on remote.

2. Navigate to Your channels > Spectrum TV.

How to Cancel Spectrum TV subscription on Roku

3. Press start {*} button on the remote and select Manage subscription on the popup.

manage subscription - How to Cancel Spectrum TV subscription on Roku

3. Now select Cancel subscription in the second popup window.

cancel subscription - How to Cancel Spectrum TV subscription on Roku

4. Select Cancel subscription button again to confirm your cancellation.

cancel subscription - How to Cancel Spectrum TV subscription on Roku

5. Click Done to finish cancelling your Spectrum TV subscription.

Done - How to Cancel Spectrum TV subscription on Roku

6. Your Spectrum TV subscription has been cancelled successfully.

How to Cancel Spectrum TV subscription using Roku website?

1. Go to Roku website and click Sign In to login to your Roku account.

signin to Roku

2. Go to Manage account > Manage your subscriptions.

3. Select Spectrum TV in your subscriptions list and then click Unsubscribe.

click unsubscribe

4. Select “Yes, Unsubscribe” to finish canceling the subscription.

Your subscription has been canceled successfully, which means your subscription will be active until your current trial period ends and it will be automatically canceled after your current subscription ends.

Cancel Using Customer Care?

You can also cancel Spectrum TV using their own Cancellation service by Chatting with them or calling this number (833-267-6094) from your registered mobile number. This method is not recommended because their customer care representatives will not leave you easy from their platform, they will offer you some custom packs and make you stick with Spectrum TV.

customer care spectrum tv

Congratulations! we assume that you have successfully canceled your Spectrum TV subscription if you followed the above steps carefully. If you face any issues while canceling the Spectrum TV, then let us know in the comment section below.