Roku-supported Smart TVs are more welcomed by users apart from TV sticks. With HD clarity and quicker access, Roku TV is very popular among other streaming devices. It is a common trait to misplace the TV remote, damage the TV remote, or Roku remote not working. Before buying a new TV remote, you can try other options. If you’re a cable TV user of Spectrum, it might be a little tough to maintain two remotes. To reduce this hassle and access quicker, you can program your Spectrum remote to your Roku TV using two different methods.

Can you Program Spectrum Remote to Roku TV?

Yes, you can connect Spectrum Remote to Roku TV. The remote works fine with TV brands like TCL Roku TV, Hisense Roku TV, Vizio Roku TV, and more. To connect your TV to the spectrum remote, you need to try connecting using the various programming codes.

How to Program Spectrum Remote to Roku TV

Spectrum remote offers two different methods for pairing the remote to Roku TV. Some of the methods are,

  • Without Set Up Box
  • Using Code (With Setup box)

How to Program Spectrum Remote to Roku TV Without Set Up Box

1. Press the TV Power button on your remote.

2. Hold the Menu and OK buttons simultaneously. Continue pressing those buttons until you see the Input button blink twice.

Press the Menu and OK button to program your Spectrum remote to control Roku TV

3. Tap on the TV Power button once. This will make the Input button light up.

4. Point the remote towards the TV, press and hold the UP arrow.

5. If the TV turns off, release the UP arrow. This means that your remote is successfully paired with your Roku TV.

How to Pair Spectrum Remote Using Code [With Setup box]

1. Turn on your TV. Press and hold the Menu and OK buttons.

2. You will see the light blinking twice on the Input button on your remote.

3. Press the TV Power button on Spectrum remote and enter the Code for your Roku TV.

4. Your Roku TV will switch off. This means the pairing is finished between Roku TV and Spectrum remote.

Tip: There are 3, 4, and 5 digits codes available for pairing Spectrum remote to Roku and various smart TVs. So try using every possible code to pair your remote to your TV.

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What are the Smart TVs that can connect with Spectrum Remote?

The Smart TVs you can connect with Spectrum remote are Insignia, LG, Magnavox, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung smart TV, Sharp, TCL, Vizio, and more.