Roku is a streaming device that has a lot of best channels. Moreover, you can add any channels to Roku to stream your favorites. In addition, you can also connect to Antenna on Roku TV to watch over-the-air broadcast television. With this method, you can stream local channels for free. Also, with the antenna connected, you can pause and record live TV as well. The only requirement you need is an antenna. After purchasing the antenna, you can easily connect it to Roku to stream local channels.

How to Access “Over-the-Air”

To access the over-the-air broadcast channels, you need to connect an antenna to the Live TV input of yourRoku TV.

1. First, connect the coaxial cable from your aerial antenna to the “live TV” connecter on the back of your Roku TV.

2. Then, turn on your Roku TV, go to the home screen and select the Live TV option.

3. If you can’t find the Live TV option, go to Settings > TV inputs > Live TV > Set up input.

Now, you can follow the on-screen prompts to complete the set up process.

How to Configure Antenna on Roku TV

1. Turn on Roku and go to the home screen.

2. Hit the Right Arrow button on your Roku remote and select the Antenna TV icon from the menu.

Select Antenna TV on Roku

3. Select the Start finding channels option.

Select the start finding channel

4. If you have already connected the antenna or cable with this TV, this finding process starts after you click the option.

5. Select Yes, channels 3 & 4 are needed if you have connected devices like VCR, or you can select No, Channels 3 & 4 are not needed.

Click on the no, channels 3&4 are not needed.

6. Now, scanning for antenna TV channels will start.

7. Once the antenna TV channel scan is complete, you will be moved to step 3.

8. In step 3, cable TV channels will start to scan. You can skip this step if you haven’t connected to any.

Press the skip this step option

Finally, a number of available channels will be displayed on the screen. You can select the Done button if you are to watch the over-the-air channels right away. With the antenna connected, there is a feature for you to record the live TV channels. For that, you have to enable the Live TV Pause feature.

Local channels found - Antenna for Roku TV

How to Set Up Live TV Pause

To pause the live TV channels when connected to an antenna, you need to connect an USB drive to your TV.

1. Now, select the Set up Live TV Pause option from the pop-up window.

Select Set up Live TV Pause - Antenna on Roku TV

2. Once again, select the Set up Live TV Pause option.

Select Set up Live TV Pause

Note: Live TV pause allow you to rewind and playback up to 90 minutes of the channel your watching.

3. Next, select the Continue button.

Select Continue

4. Next, click on the Retry button if prompted.

Note: Make sure to connect the USB Drive to your TV’s port.

Select Retry

5. Enter the PIN displayed on the screen and click on the OK button.

Select the OK button - Antenna for Roku TV

Now, your USB drive will start the formating process. Once the USB drive is formatted, you can record the local channels. You can press the Pause or Play button on your remote to start the formatting process.


1. Why won’t my Roku pick up antenna channels?

There might be some issues that’s why your Roku won’t pick up antenna channels. To fix the issue update Roku.

2. What is the antenna secret menu on Roku?

To bring the antenna secret menu, press the Home button on your remote + Up button twice + Right Arrow + Left Arrow + Right Arrow + Left Arrow + Right Arrow.