Updating the apps on Roku helps them work flawlessly without any interruption. Doing so improves the app’s performance, fixes bugs, and includes all the new features that are newly added. Usually, the Roku player updates the app automatically at regular intervals. However, it may not be the situation always, so we might have to update the Roku apps manually. Below are some possible options to update apps on your Roku device.

  • Manual update
  • Update Roku Firmware
  • Update Roku using Roku mobile app

How to Update Apps on Roku Manually

1. Turn on your Roku device.

2. Move to the Home page, using the Roku Remote locate the application you need to update.

Move to the Home page to update apps on Roku

3. Then, press the * button on your Remote.

Click on the star button to update Apps on Roku

5. Now, the App info will appear on your screen.

6. Scroll down and choose the check for updates option from the options.

7. After this process, your device searches for the available Updates.

8. If any updates are available, the updation process will be done.

How to Update Roku Firmware & Applications

In this method, updating your Roku device updates all the apps on the Roku device.

1. Click on the Home button from the Remote.

2. Move to the Settings option from the menu.

move to settings option

3. Click on the System, then select System Update.

system option

4. Choose the Check now option to manually check for updates.

5. Now, you can see the details of existing software and the build version, along with the date and time of the previous update.

6. After the Update, you will receive a confirmation.

Once the process gets complete, the Roku app will also be updated along with the System updates.

Alternative Method to Update Application Using Roku Mobile App

1. First, move to the Play Store and Search for Roku mobile app.

2. Select the appropriate Roku App from the search result.

3. Download and Install the app on your Android device.

4. Open the app and Launch it on your device.

5. Go to the Account Page by clicking the Person icon.

Click on the person icon to Update apps on Roku

6. Then, Sign in with the Roku account you have.

Press the sign in option from the menu.

7. Move back to the Home page and tap the Devices option.

Pick the devices option from the menu. to update apps on Roku

8. From the menu, select the Channels option given.

move to channels option

9. That displays all the Channels list that you have.

10. Select the channel that you need to update.

11. Open the App and tap the Update option given.

12. Once the process gets over, the apps will finally be up-to-date.


How frequently does Roku check for updates?

Updates are made on a routine when Roku checks for system updates every 24 hours.

Why is your Roku TV not updating?

It can happen due to poor or unstable network connections when trying to update the Roku device.