Though many multimedia resources and alternatives are available to enjoy the movies or TV shows. USB devices are always prominent that allow us to copy contents that we wish to watch on any USB-compatible TV, including Roku TV. It is the most portable and universal way of sharing media files like Photos, audio, movies, and more. The Roku device also can connect to more than one USB device by using a USB hub, but it depends on the type of Roku device. So, you can play any content on your Roku TV just by downloading apps from the Roku channel, including Roku Media Player.

How to use USB on Roku TV Using Roku Media Player

Before starting this process, install the Roku media player from the channel store on your Roku device.

Roku media player to use USB on Roku TV

1. Click on the Home button on your Roku remote.

Move to the Home screen.

2. Move to the home page and select the settings option.

3. Then, click on the system option from the menu.

Click on the system option.

4. From the menu, look for USB media.

Move to USB media option

5. You can see the auto-launch with an on and off button.

auto launch option to use USB on Roku TV

6. If your USB is off, you cannot see the USB displayed on your TV screen.

7. Turn on the option from the menu.

turn on the auto launch option to use USB on Roku TV

8. You can also select the launch channel option and go to Roku media player.

Click on the lunch channel option to use USB on Roku TV

9. This Roku media player is an application for your device that is available on the Roku channel store.

10. Once you connect the USB to your device, it pops up automatically.

11. Just enable the Roku media player option.

12. After this process, when you plug in the USB, your screen displays all the files from your device.

13. By doing so, you can use the USB media files on your Roku TV.

Tips! The Roku Ultra is an efficient device with a quad-core processor that has a USB drive as well.


Where is a USB port on Roku TV?

You can find one or more ports on the back or side of your Roku TV.