Insignia Roku TV remote is the device you will use to control your TV. The remote is filled with features like quick launches of some well-known streaming platforms like Netflix and Vudu. In case your Roku remote stops working, controlling your TV might get difficult. You can set up Insignia Roku TV remote app until you can get a replacement for your remote. It comes with its own set of cool features, which works exclusively on Insignia Roku TV.

How to Set up Insignia Roku TV Remote App: Roku Remote App

Roku TV remote is the official app launched by Roku. With this application, you can perform all the things you can with a normal remote. Adding that, it also has some additional features like the instant launch of Netflix, Apple TV, etc., and Roku Private Listening.

How to Set up Insignia Roku TV Remote App: Roku Remote App

To use this application, you will have to first download and install it on your phone. The application is available on both Android and iOS. Follow the steps mentioned below to set it up now.

[1] Connect your Insignia Roku TV and your smartphone to the same wifi network.

[2] Now click on Continue to accept Terms and Conditions.

[3] Click on Devices in the bottom right corner.

Taping on devices in the Roku remote app.

[4] Now allow the app to search available Roku devices by pressing OK.

[5] Select your Insignia Roku TV from the list.

[6] Now, select the Remote option below your TV’s name.

Once you have done that, you will now be able to control your Roku TV via this app. Also, you can install channels and applications to your Insignia Roku TV with this application. If you don’t want to use traditional buttons on the app, you can even use swipe gestures to control.

Alternative to Insignia Roku TV Remote App

Remote For Insignia – Roku TV is a great third-party alternative. This application is developed by the Hybrid4apps, which has made many Roku Remote apps. The app can turn your mobile phone into an Insignia Roku TV remote. Although the one and the only reason we suggest it as an alternative and not first recommendation are Ads. Yes, this third-party application has truckloads full of ads. But it does almost all the things that an Official Roku remote App does. The application is available for free to download and use on Android.

  • You can control all the basic navigational protocols with this application.
  • Volume controls.
  • Scans & Pairs multiple devices in your WiFi network.
  • Easy Navigation menu control buttons.
  • Remembers previously connected devices & reconnects automatically to them.
  • Control all media player functions like play, pause, fast forward & rewind.


1. Can I use my phone as a remote for my Insignia TV?

You can, indeed. You can use your smartphone to operate your Insignia TV with the Roku Remote app.

2. How do I control my Insignia Roku TV without a remote?

The buttons on the majority of Insignia smart TVs are on the back of the device, so you just need to tilt your TV slightly to see what each button does. This can be a little challenging if your television is mounted on the wall, but you can press each one individually to find out what they do!

3. How do I connect my Insignia TV without a remote?

Connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the TV and use the mouse to access the WiFi settings on the TV to connect to your WiFi network in order to connect your TV to WiFi without using a remote.

4. How to Use Insignia TV remote app without wifi?

It is not possible to use the Insignia TV remote app without wifi.