The Masterclass is an American subscription-based educational platform from Yanka Industries Inc. In Masterclass, you can watch a library of pre-recorded videos on various topics from experts in the field. The Masterclass is a very useful platform for education for passionate students with a small subscription. Also, these classes provide worksheets, video sessions, exercises, and interview sessions. In 2020, Masterclass won two Webby Awards for its irreplaceable service. Masterclass app is available for various streaming devices including Roku as well. If you are a Roku TV or device user, then you can install the Masterclass app on your device.


How to Add Masterclass to Roku?

Masterclass App is available for download among the other apps in Roku. We can look into the different ways for the same. You can install the app using two different ways:

  1. Using the device itself
  2. Using Roku app

From your Roku device

Like any other app, we can download and install Masterclass on your Roku device. Follow these simple steps for the same.

#1: Firstly, using the Home button on your remote, go to the Home Screen.

#2: Navigate to the Streaming Channels section on the side-bar.


#3: Here, go to the Search Channels option and search for Masterclass.


#4: Next, press on the OK button to see channel overview.

#5: Choose the Add Channel option.

#6: Now, Sign in with your credentials into your Masterclass account.

Form Roku Mobile app

Roku Mobile App is a very useful app from Roku that can be installed on both Android phones and iPhones. Follow these easy steps to add Masterclass on Roku using the mobile app:

#1: Download and install the Roku Mobile App on your phone and log into your Roku account.

Note: While logging into your account, make sure you enter the same credentials as the account logged into your Roku device.

#2: Now open the Roku Mobile app on your phone.


#3: On the bottom of the app, you can see a ‘Channels’ tab. Tap on it.

#4: Now, select the ‘Channel Store’ tab on the top of the screen.

#5: Here, on the search tab search for ‘Masterclass’ app.

#6: Tap on the channel icon to view the overview. Here choose the ‘Add Channel’ option.

By the above-mentioned methods, we can successfully install Masterclass on Roku. However, Masterclass needs Roku firmware v9.0 b1 to work on it. If not, update your Roku to the latest version.

Subscription Plans on Masterclass

  • Annual Subscription plan at $180. This gives you access to all the classes on all topics in the app along with any new content for one whole year.
  • 30-day money-back – If you feel like Masterclass isn’t what you want, you have a refund option.
  • However, the Masterclass doesn’t provide any free trial.

The classes in the Masterclass include cooking, sports, writing, politics, economics, and design of video games. The classes include demonstrative sessions to enhance understanding. Each class section comprises more than 10 videos with an average timing of 2 to 5 hours in total. The main advantage of Masterclass is that you can access classes at your convenience at your most convenient space. With Masterclass on Roku, get access to these expert classes and learn what you want conveniently.