If you are into K-Dramas and K-Pop, here is a piece of news for you. Let’s discuss how to watch content from MBC on Roku. MBC or Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation is one of South Korea’s leading television and radio network. It was founded in the year of 1961 and is headquartered in Seoul. However, it serves its contents in the United States a well as South Korea. The contents in the MBC include dramas, variety shows, sports, and documentaries.

Whats’s on MBC?

The MBC airs a lot of popular and fun-filled Korean variety shows like Radio Stars and Home Alone. It has a huge collection of mind-blowing K-Dramas like W-Two Worlds, I’m not a Robot, Hospital Ship, Kill me Heal me, Moon Embracing the Sun, Empress Ki, Gu Family Book, and Missing 9. Furthermore, all the show and series on MBC comes with English subtitles so that you can understand.

Where to watch MBC on Roku?

Earlier MBC had a Roku channel called the MBC America in it. But, later it was removed from the platform. It has most of MBCs popular shows in Korean with English subtitles. In the absence of MBC America on Roku, let’s discuss how to watch MBC on Roku.


KOCOWA OR Korean Content Wave is the most popular Korean content streaming network in America. Above all, KOCOWA is a joint platform from top Korean networks MBC, KBS, and SBS. It streams content from these three networks. So, you can watch MBC dramas and variety shows like Coffee Prince, I am Not a Robot, and others on KOCOWA. Also, we have the KOCOWA channel on Roku so that we can download it from the Channel store.

MBC on Roku


Viki is the finest application that streams your favorite K-dramas and shows. Apart from K-dramas, it airs shows in Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Taiwanese with subtitles in different languages. Viki has a cool collection of dramas and shows from different networks including MBC. You can get a Viki Pass and access premium contents and on-air dramas as well as a free pass to KOCOWA. However, you can watch content for free as well. Viki can be added on Roku as a Private channel.

MBC on Roku


AT&T TV is one of America’s best Live TV streaming platforms. It has different subscription packages with a good collection of your favorite channels. Also, it has regional packages and one such package is called the Korean TV package. In this package of $30 per month, you can watch MBC, focusing on variety shows. Apart from MBC, you can watch Korean channels like Arirang, MBN, SBS, SBS Plus, YTN, TAN, and TVN.

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MBC on Roku

Wrapping Up

MBC brings Korean content to fans in America. It includes variety shows, dramas, and other entertaining content. We have discussed three possible different ways to watch content from MBC on Roku. Hope you found this article useful. Enjoy streaming Korean content with MBC.