NOGGIN was an American Television company, and its contents are primarily focused on teenagers and kids. Launched in 1999 for only cable and satellite TV networks, but due to the increase in smartphones and smart devices, they have launched a unique app for all the major operating systems like Android, iOS, etc. So in this tutorial, we learn how to install the NOGGIN channel on Roku.

It also includes ad-free Nick Jr. episodes and shows that will boost your kid’s learning, and as of 2021, it has over 1000+ episodes. Its contents are mainly created with animation software, so the pre-school kids mostly love it. You usually get a maximum of 14-30 days of free trial on all platforms, but you get 60 days free trial if you sign up for a new account.

How to Install NOGGIN on Roku?

1. Plug in the Roku device on your TV.

2. Turn it on and press the Home button on the remote.

3. On the home screen, click Streaming channels.


4. In the next screen, select Search channels.

click search channels

5. In the search box, type NOGGIN and press the OK button.

search for NOGGIN channel on Roku

6. Select the NOGGIN Preschool kids shows channel and click Add channel in the next step.

tap Add channel button

7. After the installation process is complete, then tap Go to channel button.

click go to channel - NOGGIN Roku

8. Sign in and start watching the global hit shows and episodes on your TV.


Alternate Methods

Watch NOGGIN on prime video and sling TV

Due to massive popularity among the kids, Amazon’s Prime Video and Sling TV have partnered with NOGGIN to provide free access to its customers. So if you have installed the Prime Video channel or Sling TV, you can watch NOGGIN for free on your Roku TV.

How to Sign up for NOGGIN?

1. Visit on your PC or mobile browser.

2. Click the Start your 60 days trial button.

free trial on NOGGIN on Roku

3. Enter your name, email, password and click Agree and Continue button.

click agree and continue

4. Complete the free payment using your Credit card.

5. On successful completion, your account will be activated.

Noggin not working on Roku?

1. Check your internet connectivity is at a stable speed to stream videos from the internet.

2. If you have subscribed to NOGGIN other than Roku, then log out from the device.

3. After logging out, re-install the channel from the Roku channel store and sign in again.

Wrapping Up

Boost your kid’s brain and knowledge with NOGGIN shows and episodes. It is now available in ordinary TVs, then use media streaming devices like Roku or Firestick and avail the same services from NOGGIN on your TV. Kid’s safe guarantee and also ad-free uninterrupted streaming.