Pilates Anywhere channel is a fitness channel that primarily focuses on Pilates. The channel focuses on core, Glow, Total Body Renewal, and many more exercise plans for users. It also has thousands of video classes for on-demand streaming. There will be no ads while streaming the videos. You can install and activate the Pilates Anytime app from the Roku Channel Store to stream its content.

How Much Does Pilates Anytime Cost on Roku

To stream the Pilates Anytime channel, you need to pay a premium fee of $22/ month or $240/ year. It also has a free trial for 15 days.

How to Install Pilates Anytime on Roku

1: Turn on the Roku device and visit the home screen of your Roku.

2: Now click on the Streaming channels option on the screen.

Select Streaming Channels option on the Roku home screen

3: Next, choose the Search Channels option on the screen.

Search for Pilates Anytime on Roku Channel store

4: Search for Pilates Anywhere using the virtual keyboard.

5: Select the app from the search result in the Roku Channel Store.

6: Click Add channel to download Pilates Anytime on Roku and select OK in the prompt.

How to Activate Pilates Anytime Channel on Roku

Before streaming the exercise videos of the Pilates Anytime channel, you need to activate it in the first place.

1: After installing, open the Pilates Anytime channel on your Roku device.

2: You will receive an activation code on your TV screen. If not, click on the Sign in button to generate a new one.

3: Now open any web browser on a PC or Smartphone.

4: Visit the Pilates Anytime activation website. (www. Pilatesanytime.com/activate)

5: On the website, click the Login button and enter your login credentials first.

Login with your Pilates Anytime account on the website

6: Enter the Activation Code you saw on the TV into the website.

7: After activation, you can start streaming the Pilates Anywhere channel on your Roku device.

Pilates Anywhere holds a content library of different classes with different instructors. The channel adds new video content every week to the current library for users to try out new exercises. The channel comes with more than 3,700+ videos with well-developed instructors. Other than Roku, you can watch the Pilates Anywhere channel on devices like Apple TV, Android, and iOS. You can also try other fitness channels on Roku, such as Peloton, Zwift, Zumba, Beachbody, and many more.