Audacy, formerly known as, is an online internet and radio streaming service available for free all over the world. It was founded and created by CBS radio company, and later in 2017, it was acquired by Entercom. They changed the domain from to But the features and functions are the same, and today in this article, we teach you how to install and stream the channel on Roku. has over 300+ radio channels across the US and 3000+ podcasts. It was also one of the fastest-growing digital audio platforms in 2020. It’s free to stream and has offline download options on few devices, but there is no option to hide ads being played as audio in between the streaming.

How to Install channel on Roku?

1. Turn on the Roku device and press the Home button.

2. In the Home screen, select Streaming Channels. on Roku

3. Under streaming channels, click Search Channels to search the channel.

click search channels

4. In the search box, type and press OK button.

enter on Roku search box

5. In the search list, select app.

select the app

6. Tap Add channel button to download and install the app automatically on your Roku device.

click Add channel

7. Make sure the installation is completed and then go back to Roku Home and select the channel. on Roku

8. Start listening to your favorite Podcasts and Radio channel on Roku. Make sure you have a stable internet connection to enjoy a buffer-free streaming experience. on Roku

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How to Sign up for is a free-to-stream app on all devices. There is no option to create a user account on their official site, which means you can enjoy their service for free, and there will be no option to hide commercials while streaming music, radio, etc. Just install the app on your devices like Android, iOS, Roku, etc., and launch the app to start streaming.

To Conclude

Thus in the above article, it is clear that you can install and Stream in Roku with the help of the Roku channel store. By following the above steps, you can install and start streaming within few minutes. Share your experience in the comment section below.