Roku is a device used to stream media using the internet. When Roku devices have problems connecting to a wireless or wired internet connection, error code 009 shows as a warning message. This tutorial will lead you through all of the tested solutions for the Roku Error 009 problem, so you can reconnect to the internet and watch your favorites again. Roku Error 009 occurs almost always when the Roku device is unable to connect to the internet. When connecting a Roku to a wired or wireless network, Error 009 may display. A problem with the internet service provider, the modem or router, user or DNS data corruption, or hardware issues like a damaged connection or a blocked Wi-Fi signal are all common causes. And if you are looking to fix the Roku Error Code 005, the following guide will help you.

Roku Error Code 009

Various Ways to Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 009

The following are the different troubleshooting methods to fix the Roku Error Code 005.

Check your internet connectivity

As stated in error itself first and foremost thing to be done is to check the internet connection. Roku has some minimum network requirements. If you think your internet keeps up with them, try the following steps to run a diagnostics.

[1] Switch on your Roku TV.
[2] Select Network and then Check Connection from the Settings menu.

Roku will run a test to see if you’re connected to the internet at home. It will also assess the signal’s overall quality. If you have an internet connection, but it is slow, the device will tell you how to speed it up. Reduce the distance between your Roku and your router to resolve network troubles. To see if the error code 009 is fixed, disconnect all other connected devices from the Wi-Fi. An ethernet connection can also be used to improve internet connections and speed. To boost signal strength, try moving your router to a higher location.

Power cycling all the devices

Restarting your device can help you get over the general issue that happens when data is corrupted. Errors are resolved by power cycling because cache data is cleared. This will also clean the router’s DNS cache. To do so, first:

[1] Remove the power cord from the outlet. (Note: unplug all devices, including the Roku, router, and television.)

Power cycling all the devices

[2] For at least 10 – 20 seconds, press and hold the Power button.
[3]Reconnect the power cord.
[4] Wait for the device to switch on before checking to see if the problem has been resolved.

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Rebooting your Roku to Remove Error Code 009

If your internet connectivity is good but still you can see the error code 009 on your Roku, try restarting the device. To restart Roku, follow these steps:

[1] First of all, you have to press the Home button on the Roku remote; by doing so, you will reach the main screen.

Rebooting your Roku to remove error code 009

[2] Then, scroll all the way down to the Settings option.

[3] Now, choose the System option and press the OK button on your Roku TV remote.

[4] Then, by clicking the ‘OK’ button on your remote again, select the ‘Restart‘ option. This will reset your system, and your TV will turn off for a short while before automatically turning back on.

You can check if this approach fixed the Roku error number 009 after the system restarts. If you answered yes, congratulations; otherwise, try the next option.

Changing to a Wired Connection

Switching from a wireless to a wired connection on your Roku device will help you get rid of the Roku error number 009 when trying to connect to the internet. Once you’ve switched to an ethernet cable, make sure to adjust your network settings to wired. Follow the steps below to do that.

[1] Ensure that you are on the Home Screen. To return to the home screen, press the home button on your Roku remote. Navigate to the Options Menu. Press OK after selecting settings.

Changing to wired connection

[2] Choose Network and press OK after selecting a network.

Changing to wired connection

[3] Select the Set Up the Connection in the drop-down menu in-network and then press OK after selecting Set up connection.

Changing to wired connection

[4] Connect to a Hardwired Network and press OK after selecting wired. Your Roku will automatically connect to your network.

Changing to wired connection

There’s a potential that some cords won’t connect properly to the device. During configuration, some may become twisted or loose. Check that each cable is correctly attached and that the cable is in good working order.

Resetting you Network

It can be possible that the Roku network configurations have become corrupted, limiting the device’s functionality. As a result, we’ll reset the network configurations in this step. To do so, you’ll need to:

[1] Log in to your Roku account and open it now; head to the Settings and click on the System option

Resetting you Network

[2] Go to the Advanced system options option inside the System option and select the Network connection reset option.

Resetting you Network

[3] Then, by hitting the OK button in the following box, select the Reset connection option. Your system will restart at this point, and you will be unable to connect to the network. So you’ll have to manually connect to the network.

Resetting you Network

[4] Select Network from the Settings menu when the device is turned on. After that, select Setup a New Wi-Fi Connection Option from the Wi-Fi menu.

Resetting you Network

[5] Select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, and then I am at home. In all other options, select Automatic and input the password.
Once the connection is complete, check to see whether the issue persists.

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Factory Resetting to Fix Error Code 009

It’s conceivable that the system software is malfunctioning. The majority of the time, the error is caused by firmware flaws or malfunctions. Factory resetting, for example, resolves the issue. But keep in mind that a system reset wipes out everything.

By establishing a backup, you can still save part of your data. Import the required data from the primary device to a secondary device

[1] On the Roku TV home screen, select Settings.

[2] Then, choose the System option.

[3] Next, choose the Advanced System Settings.

[4] Now, click on the Factory Reset option.

Factory Reset Roku to fix the Roku error code 009

[5] Resetting has begun. To finish the process, follow the on-screen directions.

You must complete the setup after the system has been factory reset. After that, see if the fault reappears.

Contact ISP to Resolve

If your Roku isn’t connecting to the internet despite adequate router settings, your ISP may be the blame. To see if there is a system-wide problem, contact them.

If your ISP is having problems, you will have to wait until they are resolved.

With all the above-mentioned steps, you can most likely fix the issue. However, if it still persists, you should try contacting Roku support.


1. How do you fix it if Roku won’t connect to Wi-Fi?

If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, restart your router. Increase the signal strength of your wireless network. If rebooting your router does not enhance your connection, the problem could be the wireless signal’s intensity. Your wifi signal will be weaker the further your Roku device is from your router.

2. Can you fix the Roku Error Code 009?

Yes, you can fix the Roku Error Code 009.