Streaming on Roku is quite simple and easy. There are times when you get to face certain errors while streaming. Each error has a possible reason and can be easily rectified. However, it is important to identify the reason behind the error to occur before you can resolve the same. And Roku Error Code 14.30 usually occurs due to an unstable internet connection, i.e., a weak wireless signal. Let’s have a brief look at the cause and the fixes for Roku Error Code 14.30.

Roku Error Code 14.30

Cause for Roku Error Code 14.30

  • Invalid SSID/Password– There are times when you enter your wireless connection password incorrectly, which leads to such errors.
  • TV Configurations– You might be using a TV with poor configuration, which leads to problems with the software. In such cases, the functionalities of your device are disabled. Therefore, ensure that you are using the right configuration.
  • Weak Wireless Signal- If you are using a poor wireless connection, replace it with a consistent network to stream contents seamlessly without any errors.

How to Resolve the Roku Error Code 14.30

The following are some of the working methods to fix the Roku Error Code 14.30.

Method 1- Power Cycle TV and the Router

[1] Unplug your TV and the router from the power source.

Unplug your TV and the router from the power source.

[2] Long press the power buttons on both devices for about 30 seconds. This drains out all the excess power in your device.

[3] Re-plug the devices back into the socket and turn it ON.

[4] You have successfully power cycled both your devices, and your issue may be resolved.

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Method 2- Factory Reset your TV

[1] Take hold of your TV remote and click the Home button, and you’ll land on the main screen.

[2] Navigate to the Settings and choose the Advanced System Settings option under the System section.

[2] Navigate to the Settings and choose the Advanced System Settings option under the System section.

[3] Choose Factory Reset and Factory Reset Everything.

[4] Finally, enter the code displayed on your screen and hit on OK button, and you’re done.

hit on OK button

[5] Once the factory reset is complete, enter the SSID and the password to connect to your network.

Method 3- Check your Wi-Fi

Make sure your internet connection is functioning properly. Else, try changing the network and check if it’s working. If the error still persists, then contact your internet service provider to help you out in resolving the problem caused due to bad network connection. If there is a problem with the internet connectivity, you can reset your router.

Method 4- Check MAC Address Filtering

If you’re using MAC Address filtering on your router, then make sure that it is not blocked on your Roku. If it has been blocked on your Roku device, then Roku Error Code 14.30 pops up.

Method 5- Update Your Software

There are possibilities of removing the Roku Error Code 14.30 by updating your Roku firmware. And the steps to do the same are as follows:

1. Press the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

2. Then, select the Settings option.

3. Next, choose the System option.

4. Now, select System Update.

Select System Update

Click on the Check Now button. After that, your Roku TV scans for the latest updates. And if an update is found, your Roku TV will be automatically updated to the latest version.

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Method 6 – Restart Roku

Restarting your Roku device will help you with fixing the temporary bugs, and your Roku device will be clear of errors.

1. Select Settings from the home screen.

2. Now, choose the System option.

3. Next, choose the System Restart option.

4. Finally, click on the Restart option to restart your Roku TV.

Restart Roku to fix the Roku Error Code 14.30

After that, your Roku device will turn off and turn itself on automatically.

Common FAQ’s

[1] What is error code 014.30 on Roku?

Error code 14.30 occurs when your Roku device is not connected to a proper network connection. Therefore, make sure you use a proper network connection to resolve the error.

[2] How do I fix my Roku signal strength?

To improve your signal strength, move your router closer to your TV and also remove any obstructions in front of your TV.