Roku is a user-friendly streaming device with a lot of the best channels. Also, Roku stands out as the best streaming device in many aspects. One of the disadvantages is the Roku overheating issue that most users face frequently. In that situation, you may experience lagging or a frozen screen issue on Roku. Roku Overheating is due to several factors. All you need to do is follow the simple solutions to get rid of that Roku overheating issue.

How to Identify Roku Overheating

There are two ways to find out whether the Roku is overheated or not. They are a light indication on the Roku device and a Warning prompt on the Roku screen.

Solid Red Light on Roku

If you see a Roku device with Solid red light on the front, it indicates that your streaming device is overheated.

Red light on Roku

It may also occur due to low power or low voltage passing to your Roku device. So check out before it becomes an alarming situation.

Insufficient power on Roku

On-screen Overheating Message on Roku

Whenever your Roku device is overheating, you will receive a message or warning saying, Your device is overheating. If the message popups, you probably need to stop using your Roku device. Let the device cool down for one hour, and then start using it.

Overheating message

How to Fix the Overheating Issue on Roku

The following section has a lot of troubleshooting methods that will help you fix the Roku overheating issue.

Check Roku Device Placement

Placing Roku in a hot place is one of the primary reasons for overheating. In those times, move your device from that location or sun rays.

Keep Roku away from Sunrays

It is also important not to place your Roku device in a closed space like a cabinet, box, cupboard, etc.

Place Roku in Open Place

Always make sure to keep your Roku device away from Modem, TV box, router, sound system, etc. It may absorb heat from all the nearby devices.

Monitor Roku Device Usage

Roku is designed in such a way as to endure all kinds of situations and environments. If you are using Roku for more than 24 hours, you need to give it a break for at least an hour.

Turn off Roku

Also, if you are using Roku for 4 hours without any hindrance, then Roku will display a message stating whether to continue or not. Select Keep streaming if you want to continue, or close the screen and turn off your Roku for a few hours.

Unplug Roku Device

You can unplug your Roku device from the power source in case of Roku overheating. Wait for at least half an hour so that your Roku device cools down. Then, touch your Roku device, and if you feel the device is still hot, wait for another 30 minutes and start your device. Repeat the process until Roku cools down.

Restart Roku

Try restarting your Roku device if you feel your device is overheating. You can restart your Roku device by using the steps below:

On the Roku home screen select Settings > System > System Restart > Restart. After the restart, you can feel your device cooling down.

Select Restart

Clean Dust on Roku

There may be a lot of dust on your Roku device that can cause your device to overheat. If you find a lot of dust on your Roku device, unplug it from the power supply and clean your Roku with a cloth or a brush. Then, connect Roku to a power supply and turn it on. After that, check if the issue is fixed or not.

Roku Streaming Stick Overheating

The overheating problem is mainly due to connecting the device directly to your TV or monitor. Because of the TV/monitor temperature, your device may become overheated.

It can be prevented by using an HDMI extender to connect your Roku streaming stick and place it away from the back of your TV.


You can get an HDMI extender from the Roku store for free. All you need to do is visit the Roku website [], and fill out the form with your address and Roku streaming stick serial number to get the cable.

How to Find Roku Device Temperature

To find Roku temperature, turn on your Roku and press the following combination on your Roku remote without much delay.

Home + Home + Home + Home + Home + Fast Forward + Pause + Rewind + Pause + Fast Forward

Remote Sequence

Once the key combination is pressed, you will see the Roku secret menu. Here, you can see the temperature of your Roku device.

Device Temperature

Roku overheating is common in all types of Roku devices like Express, Express+, Premiere, ultra, streaming stick, Streambar, and Smart soundbar. You can get rid of the overheating issue by following the above-mentioned fixes. If the issue persists, then you probably need to contact customer service for more insight.