Roku speakers are a powerful and incredible value for money product. This speaker gives your Roku setup an extra punch to make the experience better. But what happens when your Roku speakers are not pairing. All your dreams of an awesome media experience go down the drain. You don’t have to worry about it since we have found some very effective ways with which you can troubleshoot this problem. In this article, we are going to pursue help you remove any scenario where Roku speakers are not pairing.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix Roku Speakers Pairing Issues

The following are the troubleshooting methods that will help you fix the Roku speakers not pairing issue.

Unable to Pair with the Host Device

Before we give you tips regarding how to pair with the host device, we would like to show you how to pair with the host device in the first place in the following.

[1] Set up your Roku device and turn it on. After that, plug in the Roku speakers to your TV’s respective port.

[2] After that, press the Home button on your Roku remote for 5 seconds.

[3] From the list of options, select Wireless Speakers.

Unable to pair with the host device

When you select that option, a new page will be like the one shown above. If you see that, it will mean that the host device and the speaker are pairing. The above is the right procedure for pairing Roku speakers to your Roku device-connected TV. If you can’t pair your Roku speakers, the following section will help you.

Ways to Fix if the Host Device is Not Pairing

If your Roku device is unable to pair with the speaker, try the following ways to resolve it.

[1] The first step will be regarding your Roku remote. If your Roku remote is not working, fix it.

[2] The next method is to check your version of Roku OS. It should be 9.2.6 or above for the speakers to work. If it’s not the case, update your Roku device.

[3] The last method is to just manually pair the device to the speaker in the menu. On your host device, follow the protocol Settings> Remotes & Devices > Set Up a new Speakers > Wireless Speakers.

There are often times when your Roku host device is unable to find your wireless speakers; here are some of the reasons why this might have been happening.

Reasons Why your Roku Speakers are Not Pairing

The following are some of the reasons why your Roku speakers are not pairing:

Power Supply Issues

There are often times things this simple might be affecting your experience. All you have to do is check if the cables are connected properly. Suppose you want to check the battery status; you can check the LED status. This light blinks every three minutes; if it does not blink, it will mean there is no power. The best thing to do is check the power cable and outlet. By fixing these two, you might be able to fix the Roku Speakers not pairing issue.

Speakers are Out of Range

Sometimes might be because the speakers are out the range. The speakers are usually designed to be within 30 feet of your Roku host device. Try moving them closer and pairing them again.

NOTE: This method applies only to Bluetooth Roku speakers.

Interference in the Wireless Connectivity

Try avoiding placing the speaker near wireless devices like your Router for Wi-Fi or Microwave. It is best advised to have the speakers in direct line of sight from each speaker and to your host device.

Speaker Paired to Another Device

There are also chances that your Bluetooth speaker is paired with other Bluetooth-supported devices. If that’s the case, you will have to press and hold the Reset button on the back of the speaker for 10 seconds. When you do that, you will be given instructions to try pairing again.

Speaker paired to another device:

As you can see above, there will be a status LED. If you try connecting and you neither see the light glowing nor hear the audio instruction, it will mean that the device is not paired. In a scenario like this, the best is to reset the device. To do that, press the reset button on the back of the speaker for 10 seconds. Any less than that, and the device will just do a restart. So press and hold the button for 10 seconds, and it will reset and most probably fix the issue.

Why are my Roku Speakers Not Updating?

Sometimes, once your Roku speakers are connected to your Roku device-connected TV, your speakers will automatically start to update. So, in case your Roku speakers are not updating, the following are the reasons for it.

Internet issues: There may be internet connectivity issues, and that’s why your Roku speaker has stopped updating. So, if it’s the case, you need to immediately fix the internet connectivity issues. Also, you can manually do it yourself from Roku Settings. To do the same, go to Settings > Network > Check Connection. Now, you will get your internet connectivity status on the screen of your Roku TV.

Exit from Pairing Mode: Maybe your Roku speakers have exited from the Pairing mode. So, this may even be the reason why the Roku speakers are not updating. That means you need to repair your Roku speakers. Once this is done, you will be able to update your Roku speakers.

If you still find an issue, it is best you contact Roku Support. They might have some professional troubleshooting methods. If not that they could even help you return the speaker for repair.


1. How do I pair my Bluetooth Speaker to my Roku TV?

Press and hold the Pairing button on the Bluetooth speaker for 20 seconds to pair it to your Roku TV.

2. How to fix the Roku TV speakers not working issue?

You can press the Reset button that you can find on the backside to fix the Roku TV speakers not working issue.