Roku is one of the best streaming devices available. By using Roku, you can start streaming your favorite movies, on-demand videos, and much more on your TV. There are different types of Roku devices available. You can choose the types of Roku which suit you. If you are looking for a Roku which streams HD content, then you can go for Roku Express. If you want HDR or 4K contents, then you can go for Roku Ultra or Roku premiere. After purchasing the product, then the first thing we have to do is to set up Roku. If you are wondering about how to set up Roku, then this post will help you.

How to Set up Roku

As mentioned earlier, the initial setup doesn’t vary much for each type of Roku 1, 2, 3, and 4. Just follow the steps below to set up Roku:

1. Connect your Roku device to the TV:

There are two ways to connect your Roku to the TV.

  1. Using the HDMI port
  2. Using Composite

All Roku devices support connecting via HDMI port. You will get an HDMI cable along with the device except for Roku Streaming Stick. You have to plug in the Roku Streaming Stick directly to the HDMI port of your TV. For other devices, you have to use the HDMI cable to connect the device and the TV.

How to set up Roku streaming devices

If your Roku device comes with a composite cable, then you can plug in the cable to the A/V out and connect it to the composite port on your TV.

2. Connect the device to the Power:

After connecting the device to your TV, you have to connect it to the power supply to turn it on. There are two ways to connect it to the power:

  1. From a wall outlet
  2. From a USB port of the TV

Connecting the Roku device to the wall outlet is the recommended action as some TVs doesn’t provide enough power to the Roku by connecting it to the USB port.

How to set up Roku streaming devices

3. Make your remote ready:

The Roku remote needs battery to operate. You will receive two batteries along with the Roku box. Remove the battery cover on your remote and properly insert the two batteries and make the remote ready to operate.

remote batteries

4. Turn on the TV and Choose the input:

Turn on your TV and Roku as well. Now you have to choose the correct input to see Roku. i.e. If your TV multiple ports, then you have to use the TV remote to choose the proper HDMI port to which you have connected Roku.

Optional Step:

If your Roku device has an ethernet port, then you can connect it to a wired network. This is an optional step. But the speed of your internet is high when connected to a wired network as the loss is minimal compared to a wireless connection.

How to Set up Roku on-screen and activate it?

After completing all the hardware processes, you have to complete a few steps on the screen to start streaming on your TV.

1. Language Selection:

This is the first process to set up Roku. You can use your remote to scroll up and down to choose the desired language. After selecting the language, click on the “OK” button to choose your language.

Set up Roku on-screen and activate it?

2. Connect to the Internet:

After selecting your language, you have to set up internet connectivity. Roku will search for the networks and displays. You have to choose the WiFi network which you want to connect to and select it. Enter the password and click on the “OK” button to connect to that WiFi network.

Set up Roku on-screen and activate it?

If you have connected via Ethernet port, then your Roku will be connected to the internet immediately while selecting the language.

3. Software updating:

Once connected to the internet, the Roku will start checking for the latest software. If there is an update available, Roku will start downloading the update. You have to wait until the software update is completed to proceed further.

software update

4. Select the display type:

Roku determines the best screen resolution which suits your TV with the help of HDMI cable. You can still choose the display type manually by visiting the settings section on Roku.

display settings

5. Create a Roku account and activate your device:

Your device will now display an activation code. Visit “” on your web browser and enter the code. Now create a Roku account or sign in with the existing Roku account to activate the device.

Set up Roku on-screen and activate it?

Complete the setup on your desktop by signing into Roku account or creating a new one.


Your Roku device is ready to stream now. You can visit the homepage of your Roku and add channels to the streaming channels to stream content on your screen. The above steps to be followed to set up Roku. You can follow the same procedure to set up all types of Roku devices including Roku Premiere, Roku Express, Roku Express +, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick and other devices as well.