Let’s do some customization on your Roku device. When it comes to customization on any device, the most common thing you do is change the wallpaper and screensaver. A screensaver is something that appears when your device goes to sleep mode. Make the Roku screen unique by following possible ways and changing the screensaver with the best screensavers on Roku quickly.

There are two simple ways to change the screensaver on your Roku device.

  • Via Roku settings
  • Using the Roku mobile App

Why Change a Screen Saver on Roku?

All Roku users tend to change the screensaver because of their preference. This is because not every user likes to use the same default screensavers. So, to help the users get a better experience, there are a lot of alternative screensavers available in the channel store. Also, you can browse the channel store to add new screensavers to your Roku device. Moreover, there are free as well as paid screensavers on the channel store of Roku.

How to Change Screensaver via Roku Settings

Make sure to update your Roku device to the latest version and follow the steps below:

[1] Turn on the Roku device and press the Home button on your Roku remote.

[2] Navigate to Settings from the menu.


[3] Choose Screensaver and click Browser screensavers to view the screensaver menu.


[4] Select a screensaver using the remote.

Note: You can also download more screensavers from the Roku channel store under the screensaver section.


[5] Click on Preview to get a preview of your screensaver on the home screen.

[6] By using custom settings, you can modify the selected image with some adjustments.

[7] Once everything is done, click OK to save the changes.

If you have downloaded any screensaver from the channel store, you can set them directly by clicking on the Set as Screensaver option.


Change Screensaver time

[8] Get back and select Wait time from the screensaver menu.

[9] Choose the time to display the screensaver. If you don’t want a screensaver, choose the disable option.

[10] Press the OK button to save the changes.

Change Screensaver using the Roku App

Unlike the previous method, using the Roku app will let you add own your photos that you have stored locally on your smartphone.

[1] Download and install the Roku App on your Android or iOS device and pair it with your device.

[2] Choose Media from the section tab.

[3] Choose Screensaver under Media on Roku.


[4] Click on Get started and Give access to Roku to access your Photos and Videos.

Give access

[5] Select the image to add to the screensaver list and click on Next.


Note: You can add more than one image to add to your Screensaver collections.

[6] Choose the Style (HQ Still or Pan & Zoom) and Time (15, 20, and 30 seconds) for your screensaver.


[7] After choosing the necessary settings, click on Set Screensaver.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you change the Roku screensaver?

Yes, you can easily change the Roku screensaver.

2. Are changing screensavers free on Roku?

It’s based on the screensaver of your choice because for some screensavers, you need to purchase it, and for some, you don’t.