Roku users already know the closed captioning feature. This feature comes in handy when you want to bar the language gap. And the subtitles will always show up when you play an audio or video on your Roku TV. However, due to technical issues, the subtitles might not be working on Roku. This may be caused by the bugs on your Roku TV. But you can anytime fix the issue by yourself. Also, the following guide will help you with fixing the subtitles issue.

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How to deal With When Roku Subtitles are Not Working

If you don’t know where the closed caption settings menu is present in Roku devices’ settings, or you want to know exactly how to make the closed caption toggle on/off on a Roku device, follow the below steps,

1. Navigate to Settings

Open the main menu on your Roku device and navigate to the Settings option by using your Roku device remote.

roku subtitles not working

2. Click Accessibility

Go to Accessibility by scrolling down the Settings menu.

3. Turn on On always

roku subtitles not working

After you choose the Caption option, you’ll be taken to the Subtitles & captioning page. There choose Captions mode and choose On always in it.

[Note: Alternatively, you can use Roku’s mobile app’s subtitles menu to turn on Captioning option]

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How to Fix the Subtitles Not Working on Roku Issue

Roku’s Captioning setting is turned off. Sometimes the subtitles option may get turned off without your knowledge, so make sure your Roku device’s captioning setting is enabled.

Roku’s Caption styles are customized. In some cases, the subtitles option may not work properly due to customized caption style settings. So head to the “Caption style” menu and verify Text opacity, Text size, Text color, and all the relevant options, and adjust them accordingly.

App’s default closed captioning is turned off. Most of the streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Sling, and Hulu will come with a default subtitles settings option. However, sometimes you may not notice that their subtitles option is enabled. To verify it once.

The Roku device is not updated regularly. However, Roku’s every update comes with enhanced subtitles features. So in case you do not regularly update your Roku device, the subtitle option might get stop working. So to update your Roku device go to Settings System → System update → Check now.

Reset your Roku Device. At the lost resort, if you still couldn’t fix the subtitle not working on your Roku issue, you can reset your Roku device. And to reset Roku, go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset. Then, your Roku TV will turn off, and your device will turn on automatically after some time.

That’s all, guys! Finally, it is concluded that you can fix the subtitles issue if it is not working on Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get subtitles on Roku TV?

You can turn on the Closed Captions on your Roku TV to get subtitles on your device.

2. How to fix if the subtitles on Peacock TV or Funimation are not working on Roku?

Generally, You can follow the troubleshooting methods from this article to fix the subtitle issues on Roku.