Subtitles (closed captions) can be a favorably convenient feature of your Roku device. When you are watching a dramatic TV show or an action-packed movie from other regions of different languages, it is hard to understand the content dialog. Closed captions in your mother tongue let you bridge the language gap and take your streaming experience on Roku to another level. As a result of turning on the closed captions on Roku, you have a better way of understanding your favorites if you have a language gap. You can turn on/ off subtitles on Roku anytime using the Roku settings.

How to Turn on Subtitles on Roku

1. Turn on your Roku TV. Next, press the Home button on your Roku remote.

2. Scroll down from the left pane and select the Settings option.

3. Tap on the Accessibility option to open the Captions menu. In case if can’t see the Accessibility option there, then choose Captions.

how to turn on subtitles on roku

4. Now, choose Captions mode and select the On always option.

5. If you want to disable the subtitles on Roku, select the Off option.

how to turn on subtitles on roku

[Note: If you choose the On replay option, the subtitles only appear when you press the Replay button on your Roku remote]

Apart from this, there is an On Mute option in the captions Mode. It could provide subtitles only when the audio is muted.


Captions Preferred Language – You can choose the subtitle language that will be displayed while streaming any videos on your Roku TV.

Captions Style – This specific option will help you with selecting the font style of the subtitles that are displayed while streaming videos on your Roku TV.

Alternative Method to Turn on Subtitle on Roku

You can also get subtitles to the audio or video when you are streaming on your Roku TV easily.

1. Play any audio or video you want on your Roku TV.

2. Then, press the [*] Asterisk button on your Roku TV remote. A small window will display onscreen on your Roku TV.

3. From the small window, select the Captions mode option and make sure that it is turned on.

Turn on the captions mode

How to Fix If the Closed Captioning is Not working on Roku

The following are the steps to fix if the closed captioning feature is not working on Roku.

1. Make sure that the closed captioning feature is turned on in Roku Settings.

2. If the Closed Caption is still turned on and still the subtitles are not showing up, you can restart your Roku device. Now, your Roku TV will automatically turn off and relaunches the home screen. Then, you can play any videos to check if the captions are working or not.

3. There are also other possibilities that you have customized the Closed Captioning. This could be the reason for the subtitles not working. So, you need to fix the issue with changes in the Captions Style.

  • Select Settings on your Roku TV from the home screen.
  • Then, choose the Accessibility option.
  • Now, scroll down and find the Captions style option and select it.

Make the desired or stable adjustments and fix the Closed Captions not working issue.

Other Possible Ways to Fix the Closed Captioning Issues

The following are the other possible ways you should use to fix the closed captioning issues on your streaming device.

1. Update Roku

Updating your Roku TV will fix most of the issues. So, there are also possibilities that the bugs on your streaming device have caused the Closed Captioning not to work. So, you can update your Roku device through the System Update option.

  • From your Roku TV home screen, select Settings.
  • Then, choose the System option.
  • Now, from the System section, choose the System Update option.
  • Next, select the Check Now button to check for any possible updates.
  • If an update is found, you will receive a notification. From the Notification window, select the Update Now button.

Finally, your Roku TV will be updated, and mostly, the closed captioning issues will be fixed.

2. Reset Roku

If you still can’t fix the closed captioning issue, you can reset your Roku device. This function will erase all the Settings and files stored on your Roku TV. Also, resetting your Roku TV is the only option you have left to fix the errors on your streaming device.

Enabling subtitles is a great way to relish previously inaccessible content due to language constraints. This feature helps you overcome the language barrier, letting you access numerous popular foreign-language films and TV shows. It even works great for clarifying muffled audio and lets you understand your favorites better.