Rutherford Falls a comedy web series starring Michael Schur and Ed Helms. Yes, those two worked at the legendary show The office together. With that star-studded introduction, you already might know you will have in your hand one hell of a show. Also, the Rutherford Falls web series is a Peacock original. That means you can only watch this series with the Peacock streaming service. So, let us now discuss how you can watch the Rutherford Falls web series on your Roku streaming device.

Rutherford Falls

A Brief Overview of Rutherford Falls

Before we help you watch Rutherford Falls on Roku, we thought maybe if we help get a brief overview of the show, it would be better.


The first season already premiered on April 22, 2021. The show is on its comeback with the second season premiering on June 16, 2022. This show is an ambitious project which tries to linger on the very sensitive topic of the History of America. How it really was, and it is said in the History books. With the help of comedy, they try to balance out the tension raising this topic. With the second season coming, Nathan and Reagan will try to help each other. They will try to help to tackle work, romance, and major changes to their town and the Native American reservation it borders. This show is a good piece of comedy, and since it is in the second season, it is a good time to catch up with this show.

How to Watch Rutherford falls on Roku with Peacock TV

Rutherford falls is a Peacock TV exclusive. But if we are going full disclosure, guess what the price of watching the first episode of the show on Peacock TV is. It is free; yes you heard it right. To watch all the episodes and all the content of Peacock TV, you will need a subscription of $4.99 per month, which is much cheaper compared to other options. So we decided because of this reason that we will guide you to watch it on Peacock TV.

Adding Peacock TV on Roku to Watch Rutherford Falls

Adding Peacock TV on Roku is the only way to watch the Rutherford Falls web series. And with the following steps, you can do the same.

[1] With the help of your Roku remote, press the Home button to go to the home screen.

[2] From the list of options on the home screen, browse for Streaming Channels and select it.

Peacock TV

[3] Now, you will have to look for the Search Channels option and click on it. Seach for Peacock TV using the virtual keyboard and select the Peacock TV from the search result.

Adding Peacock TV to watch Rutherford falls on Roku

[4] You will now be taken to the channel description page. From there, select the Add channel button.

After that, the Peacock TV will be added to your Roku device-connected TV.

Adding Peacock TV on Roku with the Roku Channel Store Website

We also have an alternative for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of using the tiresome On-screen keyboard. Instead, you can use a browser to add the Peacock TV to your Roku device-connected TV.

[1] With the help of any browser, access the Roku Channel Store.

[2] Sign in to your Roku ID by clicking the Sign in on the top right corner of the webpage.

[3] With the help of Search Box, you will now have to search Peacock TV.

Adding Peacock TV on Roku with the help of the Roku website

[4] Choose the Peacock TV channel from the search result. On the channel description page, you will have to click on the Add channel button.

Adding Peacock TV on Roku with the help of the Roku website

And with that, you are done. All that’s left for you to do is turn on your Roku device. The device will now automatically download and install the channel.

How to Use Peacock TV on Roku TV to watch Rutherford Falls

After you add the Peacock TV channel, you can follow the steps below to use the Peacock TV to watch the Rutherford Falls web series.

[1] The first step is to go to the home screen of your Roku TV.

[2] Now, press the Right direction button of your Roku remote, and it will show you all the available channels. Browse through the channels list and select Peacock TV to launch it.

[3] Sign in with your peacock TV subscription account.

All you have to do is browse through the Peacock TV for Rutherford Falls, or you can just search for it in the Search box.

With this, you can watch this amazing show on Roku with no hassle whatsoever. Also, with the new season on the way arriving on June 16, 2022.

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1. Where to watch Rutherford Falls?

You can watch Rutherford Falls on Peacock TV.

2. Is Rutherford Falls free on Peacock?

The first episode is free to watch. But to watch all the episodes, you will have to subscribe to Peacock TV at $4.99 per month.