StreamEast is a sports streaming that can’t be installed on Roku. Unfortunately, StreamEast doesn’t have a native app on the Roku Channel Store. The only way to bring StreamEast on your Roku is by screen mirroring.

The StreamEast website covers multiple sports, such as MLB, Soccer, NHL, NBA, Boxing, UFC, and more. You can watch the live sports for free without signing up. However, you need a VPN for safer streaming on your devices.

Here in this article, we have shown the methods on how to screen mirror StreamEast to your Roku device. Also, have a read on the features of StreamEast before to get a detailed view of the platform.

What’s on StreamEast

  • It doesn’t have a premium subscription plan.
  • Offers subtitles for commentary in different languages for certain games.
  • PPV events that are available for a higher price can be watched for free.
  • Lets you stream the matches anytime online.
  • It includes highlights from premium platforms like Fox SportsSky Sports, etc.,
  • Concurrent streaming on almost 5 devices is possible.
  • It has a chat box that allows you to interact with other viewers in real time.

How to Get StreamEast on Roku

As already mentioned, there is no dedicated channel for StreamEast on Roku. If you decide to screen mirror StreamEast from your Android or Windows device, check whether you have enabled the Screen mirroring option on Roku. In the case of iPhone and Mac, turn on AirPlay on Roku. After enabling Screen mirroring and AirPlay, connect Roku and your device to the same WiFi network.

Screen Mirror StreamEast on Roku from Android

[1] Open a web browser on your Android smartphone.

[2] Search for the StreamEast website and enter it.

[3] Now, swipe down and open your mobile’s Notification Panel.

[4] Select the Cast option and enter it.

Cast StreamEast on Roku from Android

[5] Turn it on and select your Roku device’s name from the list.

[6] After a few seconds, your Roku device will connect to your smartphone.

[7] Select any sports you’d like to watch from the StreamEast website.

[8] It will appear on your Roku device.

Screen Mirror StreamEast on Roku from iOS

[1] From your iPhone or iPad browser, visit the StreamEast website.

[2] Open the Control Panel and select the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen Mirror StreamEast on Roku from iOS

[3] From the appearing list of devices, select your Roku device. If you can’t find the device, try rebooting Roku.

[4] After connecting, play any of your favorite sports on your iPhone and watch it on Roku.

Screen Mirror StreamEast on Roku from Windows

[1] Open a web browser on your Windows PC and search for StreamEast’s website.

[2] From the search results, locate the correct website and get into it.

[3] Now, click the Windows + K keyboard shortcut on your PC.

[4] The Cast pop-up will open up in the bottom right corner containing the names of available devices.

Select Roku from the list of devices

[5] Choose your Roku device.

[6] Now your PC’s screen will display on Roku’s screen.

[7] Return to the StreamEast website and stream any live sports. It will appear on your Roku device.

Screen Mirror StreamEast on Roku from Mac

Mac also has the screen mirroring option. The same method involved in iOS devices can be applied for screen mirroring StreamEast on Roku from Mac. You have to enable the AirPlay feature on Roku.

[1] Open the Control Centre on the Menu bar of Mac.

[2] Select the Screen Mirroring icon and turn on the option.

Screen Mirroring Mac

[3] Choose the name of your Roku device and connect your Mac to it.

[4] Now, open a web browser and visit the StreamEast website.

[5] Select the ongoing live match of any sport and enjoy watching it on Roku.


What are some of the best alternatives to StreamEast?

You can try installing Eurosport, FloSports, Bally Sports, and ESPN on Roku as the best alternatives to StreamEast.