Are you looking for the right channel to watch The Daily Show on Roku? Then let’s explore the channels on Roku that stream The Daily Show. The Daily Show is a late-night talk show on Comedy Central. This show airs from Monday through Thursday and is hosted by Trevor Noah. It is described as a fake news show and deals with political satire. Also, the show is popular among the young audiences of America.

The Daily Show on Roku

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is one of the best political satire shows. It streams on Comedy Central. Also, Comedy Central has an official Roku app. However, to stream its content, we need a subscription to a service provider. It has a bunch of popular shows streaming on it. It includes The Daily Show, Nothing to Report, Idiotsitter, and Workaholics.

The Daily Show

How to add Comedy Central on Roku?

Comedy Central has an official Roku channel. To add it on Roku, follow these steps.

1. Launch the home screen by pressing the Home button.

2. From the sidebar, choose the Streaming Channels option from the menu.

3. Further, select the Search Channel option.

4. Search for Comedy Central channel using the virtual keyboard.

The Daily Show on Roku

5. Select Comedy Central from the list and then select the Add Channel option.

6. Once the download completes, press on OK.

How to activate Comedy Central on Roku?

Before we can stream content on Comedy Central, you need to activate it. Follow these steps and activate Comedy Central.

1. Launch the new Comedy Central channel on the home screen.

2. Follow the on-screen procedures and get an Activation code.

3. Next, visit from a web browser.

The Daily Show on Roku

4. Now, enter the Activation code in the space provided.

5. Finally, you can get the Comedy Central home page on TV.

The Daily Show on Roku

Alternative ways to stream The Daily Show on Roku

Apart from the Comedy Central channel, we can stream it on a few service providers. Also, it would help if you had a subscription to watch content on the Comedy Central channel.


You can get Comedy Central on fuboTV with a subscription. Also, fuboTV has a brilliant collection of popular channels. Some of the channels include MSNBC, HGTV, History TV, BTN, and A&E. Furthermore, get a seven-day free fuboTV trial.


Philo is one of the most cost-efficient streaming services. It brings you a lot of your favorite channels, including Comedy Central. Also, with Philo, enjoy a free seven-day trial.


Hulu is one of the most popular Live TV and on-demand content streaming platform. It has different plans for ad-based and ad-free streaming. Additionally, get a 7-day free trial on Hulu as well.


AT&T TV has one of the finest collections of live TV channels. It has different subscription options, including different channel collections. On AT&T TV, stream The Daily Show on Comedy Central.


SlingTV is another popular Live TV option. It has two base plans with your favorite channels. Also, you can add channel packages and customize the subscription.

Parmount Plus

Paramount+ or Paramount Plus is another brilliant platform that streams Comedy Central Shows. Further, stream The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the very next day of its stream on Paramount+.

The Daily Show has had a lot of guests and hosts in the past years. Some of the popular guests of the show include Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Gordon Brown. It was awarded at the Peabody Awards and the Primetime Emmy Awards. With the above channels, watch The Daily Show on Roku.