Gerald Norman Springer, popularly known as Jerry Springer, is an English-born American man who hosts The Jerry Springer Show. Jerry Springer is a former lawyer, politician, actor, producer, broadcaster, and journalist. The Jerry Springer shows a well-received tabloid talk show aired between 1991 and 2018. The episodes of this popular show are now available on-demand so that anyone can re-watch them. Let’s watch the Jerry Springer Show on Roku.

Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer Show on Roku

To watch Jerry Springer on Roku, we need a channel called Nosey. Nosey is a free TV application from Nosey Baxter that streams all episodes of the show. Apart from Jerry Springer, watch other shows like Judge Jerry, Puppy Love, Judge Dad, Judge Mom, and The Steve Wilkos Show.

Jerry Springer on Roku

Before starting, make sure that you have all these ready.

  1. Roku device connected to your TV
  2. Strong Wi-Fi connection
  3. A Nosey account

1. On your home page, scroll to and choose the Streaming Channel option.

2. Navigate and choose the Search Channel option.

3. Using your remote, type and search for Nosey on the search bar.

4. Select the Nosey channel from the search results and then choose the Add Channels option.


5. Finally, press on the OK button after the download is over.

6. Launch the app from the home screen.

7. Sign In to your account with proper credentials into the app.

8, Finally, play Jerry Springer from Nosey app on Roku.

Alternative ways to watch The Jerry Springer Show on Roku

Now, let’s discuss the alternative ways to watch the Jerry Springer Show on Roku.


Hulu is a mainstream media streaming platform in America, streaming both Live TV and on-demand content. It has different plans for on-demand content and Live TV. To watch Jerry Springer on Hulu, get a Hulu VOD plan with or without ads.



Netflix is a matchless streaming service streaming your favorite shows, series, and movies with a subscription. If you have a Netflix account, then here is good news for you. You can watch Jerry Springer on Netflix. If you don’t have an account, don’t hesitate to get one.


Wrapping Up

Add one of the above-discussed services on Roku and stream Jerry Springer. Jerry Springer Show or simply Jerry Springer is a tabloid show focusing on controversial issues of the time when it aired. The show always was on top of ratings with millions of viewers. However, the show had to get into a lot of controversies because of its content and was even called off. The show had a UK version of it in 2005 on Britain’s ITV network. Furthermore, listen to Jerry Springer Podcast on the website