Cut the cord with AirTV on Roku player and watch your favourite TV contents. It aims to reduce your entertainment bill and supports local channels. Some of them include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, etc. With the home WiFi network, the Roku TV users can stream local channels any time for free. You can watch unlimited local news, sports, and other local broadcasts in HD quality. AirTV will connect OTA antenna with the WiFi network and deliver the local OTA channel to your Roku or any other internet-connected devices. So, you need not deal with wiring on multiple rooms. Find out more in detail about AirTV Roku version.

Features of AirTV

The unique features of AirTV app are as listed below.

  • AirTV is a subscription-free streaming app and has no contracts.
  • The users can view all the channels in the one-simple guide.
  • Mount antenna anywhere you get signal and instantly stream your favourite TV channel on Roku.
  • You can easily pause, resume, rewind, fast forward recorded local channel contents.
  • With Sling TV integration, you can stream local programs and your favourite channels like ESPN, AMC, etc.
  • With Sling TV subscription, the users can record contents in cloud DVR.

How to Install AirTV on Roku?

If you want to install AirTV on Roku, then take a look at the steps given below.

#1. On the home screen of Roku player, select Streaming Channels from left side bar.

AirTV on Roku
Select Streaming Channel

#2. Select Top Free option and a list of available apps will be shown.

#3. Scroll down till you see AirTV and make a click on it.

#4. On the app information screen, tap the Add Channel button.

#5. Finally, launch AirTV to stream your favourite local channels.

Important Note:

AirTV app has been removed from the Roku Channel Store recently. So, it isn’t available for download currently. Sling TV confirmed it has previously informed its Roku users about the shutdown. Even if you already own AirTV app on Roku and try launching it, the users will get a message saying that the channel is removed. However, the users can still use AirTV with the help of Sling TV app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sling subscription necessary to access AirTV?

No. It is not mandatory and AirTV works along. Get Sling TV app if you want an enhanced TV streaming experience.

What you need for the best-in-class AirTV experience?

Ensure you have the following to get the best of AirTV.

  • A HD TV, broadband internet access, HD antenna for local channel access, and an optional external hard drive for DVR functionality.

Is there a monthly fees charged to access AirTV?

No. AirTV is entirely free to use and the users can stream local contents at no cost.

What are the HD antennas compatible with AirTV?

It may be any OTA antenna with the coax connection.

Should I download AirTV on each device?

No. AirTV uses home WiFi to wirelessly connect all the local channel with the compatible devices.


In this way, you can install AirTV app on Roku players effortlessly. So, streaming the local channels is no more a difficult task on Roku connected smart TV with AirTV. However, the recent shut down of AirTV app Roku version has made the users find it difficult to access the local channel contents. As far as now, it is good to wait if AirTV gets back on the Roku Channel Store.

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