With AirTV, you can watch local channels on Roku. It aims to reduce your entertainment bill and supports local channels. Some of them include ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, etc. With the home WiFi network, Roku TV users can stream local channels at any time for free. You can watch unlimited local news, sports, and other local broadcasts in HD quality. AirTV will connect the OTA antenna with the WiFi network and deliver the local OTA channel to your Roku or any other internet-connected devices. So, you need not deal with wiring in multiple rooms. Find out more in detail about the AirTV Roku version.

Features of AirTV

The unique features of the AirTV app are as listed below.

  • AirTV is a subscription-free streaming app and has no contracts.
  • The users can view all the channels in the one-simple guide.
  • Mount antenna anywhere you get a signal and instantly stream your favorite TV channel on Roku.
  • You can easily pause, resume, rewind, and fast-forward recorded local channel contents.
  • With Sling TV integration, you can stream local programs and your favorite channels like ESPN, AMC, etc.
  • With a Sling TV subscription, the users can record content in cloud DVR.

How to Access AirTV on Roku?

AirTV is unavailable in the Roku channel store. However, you can access the AirTV on your Android smartphone. That means you can screen mirror the AirTV app from your Android smartphone by using the screen mirroring on Roku feature.

Note: To access the AirTV app, you must have purchased a brand new AirTV device.

Screen Mirror AirTV on Roku from Android Smartphone

Make sure to connect your Android Smartphone to the same wifi network as Roku. Then, the following steps will guide you to get the services of AirTV.

1. Go to the Google Play Store and install the Sling for AirTV Player app.

2. Then, open the Notification Panel and tap on the Cast icon from it.

Tap on Cast - AirTV on Roku

3. Now, a list of available devices will show up on your Android smartphone’s screen. From there, choose your Roku device.

4. Launch the Sling for AirTV Player app and sign in to your account.

5. Connect your AirTV devices with your Sling for AirTV Player app.

6. Finally, you can get access to the local channels for free.

Now, you can choose any local channel you want to watch and mirror it to your Roku device connected TV.


1. How to fix if the AirTV is not working on Roku?

Make sure that you have connected the Sling for AirTV Player app with your AirTV device. Then, you can access local channels on the Sling for AirTV Player app that you can mirror to your Roku device.

2. Is AirTV free?

Yes, you can access the content of the AirTV for free with the Sling for AirTV Player that you can avail with the purchase of new AirTV device.