Roku is among the most popular digital media players in the US market. Last year its audience reached 65.4 million users. They have access to thousands of streaming services, such as Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and others. Despite the fact that the product has many entertaining shows and movies, it also boasts strong educational content.

Students may use these channels to expand their understanding of different subjects. Meanwhile, “write my research papers” platforms can take care of some of the duller assignments on their list. There are several educational channels students should check out today.

Curiosity Stream

Curiosity Stream channel provides many entertaining shows and documentaries on various science fields. Students can view content about history, technology, and astronomy. These documentaries are produced by some of the best filmmakers on the planet. They also star the likes of Steven  Hawking and David Attenborough. Subscription costs only $3 a month.

Smithsonian Channel

This paid channel is run by Paramount Global and is influenced by the work of the Smithsonian Institution. Its content is based on the organization’s research facilities, publications, and museums. Smithsonian Channel’s programs talk about pop culture, history, science, and mysteries. It’s a great alternative to the more entertainment-rich Netflix and its competition.

Science Channel GO

The channel has documentaries and shows from 14 networks. These include Discovery, Travel Channel, ID, and TLC. Students may watch this content on a Roku device, smartphone, or tablet. This makes Science Channel GO a good choice for both dorm rooms and trips to college. Aside from downloadable content, this channel allows watching networks live.


Students with Roku devices get access to over 1500 movies and series produced by MagellanTV. It works like an aggregator for work on science, history, and civilizations. Much like an online platform that gives access to the best assignment services available online. Each show gives an in-depth view of ancient and modern events, crime, culture, and technology.


As the name suggests, MasterClass offers lessons to some of the best professionals in their fields. Those who wish to improve their cooking skills may learn from Gordon Ramsay. People who want to pursue filmmaking will dive into the craft with James Cameron. Students with poor writing skills may improve with the guidance of Salmon Rushdie.

Roku Educational Channels


This channel is a good choice for students who want to learn about the cosmos. It has footage from various projects run by the organization. NASA TV also shows live streams of events that go on on its grounds. Students can watch rocket launches, spacewalks, and the crew of the ISS. There’s always something new to discover during these live streams.

Engineer Guy

Engineering students may have trouble with some of the concepts and notions. This channel is run by Bill Hammack and has great insights into the discipline. The Engineer Guy presents complex technical data in a visual manner. Students may learn how the insides of their hard drives and monitors work, among other things.


Streaming services can be more than a source of entertainment. Students and people who want to learn new things may check out these channels on Roku. They have enough content to make morning commutes and evenings both educational and engaging.