Jellyfin is a cloud-based streaming service. It lets you collect, manage and access your media files using a single server on any device. Roku users can install the Jellyfin application directly from the Roku Channel Store. Apart from your private media, Jellyfin on Roku also lets you access live TV and TV shows. In addition, movie collections can be managed easily with their beautiful artwork. In addition to that, Jellyfin also lets you start a SyncPlay session with friends and family to watch entertainment content together simultaneously.

How Much Does Jellyfin Cost on Roku

Jellyfin is completely free to install on your device. No subscription is required to use this application on any device. It just requires a server to access your media files on Roku.

What’s on Jellyfin

  • Jellyfin’s home screen can be customized based on each user’s individual preference.
  • Your favourite shows are sorted automatically by season for easy streaming.
  • It lets users organize their photos and share them with their friends and family.
  • With its DVR feature, you can record live TV to expand your media library.
  • Jellyfin is completely safe to use as it doesn’t track your phone or collect your data.

How to Setup & Access Jellyfin on Roku

Note: You can follow the same method on all Roku devices like Roku UltraRoku Premiere, Roku Premiere Plus, Roku Express, Roku Express+, and Roku TV as well.

Setup Process of Jellyfin Server

Before installing the Jellyfin channel on Roku, you have to set up its server first.

1. Visit the official website of Jellyfin ( from any device’s browser.

2. Choose the Admin panel option in the top right corner and reach the Dashboard.

3. Select any option between Live TV and Library from the left pane.

4. Jellyfin will start looking for servers.

5. When the search gets over, select your device and start setting up your own server on Jellyfin.

6. You can now add your desired channel playlist or media file and the device’s MAC address.

7. When the uploading gets completed, you can access them on your Roku device after installing the app and logging into it.

Install Jellyfin on Roku

1. Set up your Roku device and connect it to a stable internet connection.

2. Press the Home button to locate the Roku home screen.

3. Select the Streaming Channels option.

Select the Streaming Channels option

4. In the Roku Channel Store, tap Search Channels.

Tap Search Channels to get Jellyfin on Roku

5. Enter Jellyfin in the search bar using the on-screen keyboard.

6. Tap the Add Channel button to install the app on your device.

7. After installation, tap Open to launch the Jellyfin Roku app.

How to Use Jellyfin on Roku

After creating a server and installing the channel, you can access your media content from the Jellyfin app on Roku.

1. Open the Jellyfin app on your Roku device.

2. Click the Enter Manually tile under the Select Server option.

Click the Enter Manually tile

3. Next, enter the Server address and tap the Ok button.

 Enter Server Address and tap the Ok button

4. The media content saved on your Jellyfin server will be loaded on the screen.

5. Now, you can select and stream media files on your Roku TV.

Alternative Way to Get Jellyfin on Roku

1. Open a PC web browser and visit

2. Login with your Roku account details.

3. Type Jellyfin in the search bar.

4. Pick the Jellyfin app from the search results and tap the Details button.

5. Hit Add Channel option on the next screen.

 Hit Add Channel to get Jellyfin Roku

6. Turn on your Roku device, and the application will add to your device automatically.


1. Is there an alternative to Jellyfin?

Yes. Kodi, Streamio, Emby, and Plex on Roku are the best alternative to Jellyfin.

2. Can I access Jellyfin without a server?

No. You cannot access Jellyfin without a server. You need to create a server and add it to the Jellyfin app to access media files.

3. How to fix Jellyfin not working on Roku?

If the Jellyfin Roku app is not working, you need to reinstall it. Also, update your Roku device to fix this problem. If the Jelyfin app is not working even after updating the firmware, ensure you have entered the correct Jellyfin server address.

4. Is subtitles support available within Jellyfin on Roku?

Yes. There is a deducted plugin in Jellyfin that helps you download subtitles for any media content you’ve stored on your server.