Travel Channel is a TV channel for exploring and understanding new places, food, and culture. This TV channel comes under Discovery Network. The channel broadcast many types of TV shows, documentaries, reality shows, etc. The channel also streams some out-of-context shows like paranormal activity, ghosts, etc. To watch the Travel channel on your Roku device, you can either install the channel app or use streaming services on Roku.

How Much Does Travel Channel Cost on Roku

You need to sign up with your cable TV provider to watch the Travel channel on Roku. Some of the other Cable TV providers that support Travel Channel are,

  • DirecTV
  • Dish
  • Cox
  • Verizon

How to Add Travel Channel on Roku

1. Turn on your Roku device and connect it to a WiFi network.

2. From the home screen, click on the Streaming Channels option.

Click Streaming Channels on Home screen

3. Then select the Search Channels option on the screen.

Search Travel Channel on Roku channel store

4. Search for the Travel Channel in Roku Channel Store

5. From the search results, choose the Travel Channel option and click Add channel option on the next page.

6. After downloading the app, select the Go to Channel option to launch the app.

How to Activate Travel Channel on Roku

1. After opening the app, click on Activate button on the app.

2. Choose your Service Provider from the list.

3. Next, you will receive an Activation Code on your TV.

4. Using a web browser, visit the Activation Website of the Travel channel (

6. Enter the Activation Code in the respective field on the website.

Travel Channel on Roku

7. Click the Activate button and finish the activation steps.

8. After activating, start streaming the Travel channel on your TV.

Alternative Way to Watch Travel Channel on Roku

Apart from watching the Travel channel through the Travel Channel Go app, you can use the help of streaming services to watch it on the Roku device. These apps are available in the Roku Channel Store.


Philo is a popular streaming service that consists of many movies and TV shows in its premium package. By subscribing to the Philo budget-friendly premium of $25/ month, you can get to add more content to your entertainment unit. To watch Travel Channel on Roku without a cable TV provider, then you can use the Phillo service.

Philo: Travel Channel on Roku

You can download the Philo app on the Roku Channel store. Other than the Travel channel, you can also watch some other channels like HGTV, Food Network, and more on Philo.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu gives you some of the popular channels as well as on-demand content in its premium subscription. With its massive library, you can get to watch movies and Tv shows from Showtime, STARZ, etc.

Hulu: Travel Channel on Roku

To watch the Travel channel using Hulu, you need to buy Hulu + Live TV subscription for $69.99/ month. You can also watch some of the other channels like VH1, CBS Sports, BTN, and much more on Hulu + Live TV.

Sling TV

Sling TV brings to you the best US TV channels on its Sling Blue ($40/ month), Sling Orange ($40/ month), and Sling Orange&Blue ($55/ month).

Sling TV

Buy any one of the subscription packages to watch the Travel channel on your device. Also, you can get more channels with add-ons.

Thus, you can stream the Travel Channel content on the app as well as streaming services. Travel Channel brings you a lot of popular programs. You can also view the expert’s review for the places and listen to the podcasts through this app.