To Set Up your Roku device, you need to first create a Roku account using your Email ID. Then, only you can access the Roku Channel Store to add channels like Netflix, Crave, etc., to your streaming device. In addition, you will also receive new updates or news regarding your Roku device on your Email ID. Also, you need the Email ID that you have used to register your Roku account to access the web version of the Roku Channel Store as well as the Roku Mobile app. So, if you wish to change the Email ID of your Roku account for whatever the reason may be, the following guide will help you to do the same.

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How to Change Email on Roku

The following are the steps you should follow to change the Email address of your streaming device.

1. First of all, you need to visit by using your mobile or desktop browser.

2. Log in to your Roku account by entering your current email and password.

Login to change Email address of your Roku account

3. Select the Update option under ‘Account information.’

change email on roku

4. Scroll down to the Email section and enter the new email in it.

5. Finally, click on Save Changes to update the new email.

Now your Roku account’s email is successfully changed.

How to View your Email ID on Roku TV

With the help of the steps below, you can easily find the registered Email ID on your Roku TV.

1. Go to the Home screen on your Roku TV and select Settings.

Select Settings

2. Next, select System from the left pane.

3. Then, choose the About option and scroll down from the Account Information page.

4. Now, you can find the Registered Email ID on your Roku TV.

Important Note: If you no longer have access to your Email ID you have registered with your Roku TV, call (816) 272-8106 to speak to a Roku customer care agent for more assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you change the Email address on your Roku TV?

Yes, you can change the Email address on your Roku TV.

2. How to Change the Email address on the Roku account?

You can visit the URL to change the Email address on the Roku account related to the Roku TV Stick.