With Roku, you get access to 1000s of streaming channels that provide a plethora of content. But if you are a kid’s parent, you might want to control the things they watch and prevent them from watching inappropriate content. Unlike many other devices, Roku also offers parental control feature that you can use to disable the content you don’t like to watch. Moreover, Roku has recently added the Kids and Family section to the Roku Channels to prevent adult or violent content. Now, let us discover all the possible ways you can use to set the Parental controls on Roku.

How to Set Parental Controls on Roku?

As said, Roku doesn’t offer a single parental control setting. But then, you will be able to restrict access and set access limits to the contents based on ratings.

  • Set up ratings-based Playback restrictions within a Roku Channel.
  • Set up built-in parental control features on other popular streaming channels that offer these features.
  • Configure your Roku TV to restrict viewing of programs on “over-the-air” broadcast television.

Parental Controls on Roku Channel

The Roku parental control feature is a PIN-based playback control that works only when streaming Roku Channels in the signed-in state. So by setting this feature, one must enter the PIN while streaming contents of particular ratings. You can select one of the four different rating levels. The contents that can be played without the PIN depend on the rating you choose.

Parental Controls on Roku Channel
  • The PIN should be entered while watching such content. But it will not be hidden or filtered while searching or browsing.
  • And this feature will work only with the Roku Channel and isn’t applicable to other streaming channels.

Create a Roku PIN

The only requirement to enable Parental Control on Roku is that you must have created a Roku PIN. And the steps below will help you to do the same.

1. On any web browser, visit the official website of Roku.

2. Then, input your credentials and sign in to your account.

3. Next, click on the My Account tab from the upper right corner.

4. From the PIN Preference section, select the Update button.

Select the Update button

5. Next, enter a four-digit PIN of your choice in the respective field.

6. Now, below the Parental Control section, choose the option Little Kids, Young Kids, or Teens.

Turn on Parental Controls on Roku

7. Finally, click on the Save Changes button.

At last, you have created your new Roku PIN. Also, you have enabled the Parental Controls option while creating the Roku PIN.

Tip: If you have somehow forgot your PIN, you can anytime reset your Roku PIN.

Enable Parental Controls for the Live TV Input on Roku TV

The parental control feature is not limited only to live TV channels. Also, you can enable the Parental Control for Live TV input if you have a Roku TV. In another scenario, if you prefer watching the over-the-air show other than the Streaming Channels of Roku, you can disable it from the Settings > TV Inputs > Live TV > Hide Streaming TV channels > choose the Hide All option. After that, you can refer to the section below to enable the Parental Controls on Roku if you haven’t enabled it earlier.

1. Go to the Roku home screen and select Settings.

2. Scroll down from the Settings and choose the Parental Controls option.

3. Enter the Roku PIN you just created and select the OK button.

4. Next, Choose the TV Tuner option and turn it on.

5. Now, on the TV Tuner section, Select the Enable parental Controls option and turn it on.

Below the Enable Parental Controls option, you will receive options like:

TV Ratings: From there, you can limit TV ratings like Y, Y7, G, PC, and more.

Canadian English Ratings: Here, you can set limitations for Canadian English channels like C, C8, and more.

Canadian French Ratings: If you want to set limits for Canadian French channels, you can do it here.

Block all unrated programs: With this option enabled, you can block all the unrated TV channels.

Alernative Methods to Parental Controls on Roku

The following are the alternative methods hide the unwanted content for your children without enabling the Parental Controls.

Hide Movies and TV Store

You can also hide the Movies and TV Store so that your child will not be able to add and watch inappropriate content and channels.

1. Go to Settings from your Roku home screen.

2. Next, Choose the Home Screen option.

3. On the next screen, click on the Movie Store and TV Store.

4. Choose the Hide option.

Delete Channels on Roku

If you decide some channels you added to be unwanted for your kids, you can whenever delete channels on Roku.

1. Go to the home screen on your Roku device and make sure that the Home option is selected.

2. After that, press the Right Arrow button on your Roku remote.

3. Next, navigate to the channel you want to delete.

4. After that, press the Asterisk button on your remote.

How to Set Parental Controls on Roku

5. Choose the Remove Channel option.

Finally, the channel you have selected will be removed.

Also, you must note that there are some channels available on the channel store like YouTube Kids, PBS Kids, etc. are family and kids friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Roku have Parental Controls?

Yes, your Roku device has the Parental Control feature on it.

2. Can you set Parental Controls on Roku?

Yes, it is easy to set Parental Controls on Roku. To do that, go to Settings > Parental Controls. Next, enter your Roku PIN and set Parental Controls on Roku.