Chrome has been one of the most popular and widely used web browsers since its release in 2009. This browser from Google is very simple and easy to use. It gives you better search results along with safe searching. Also, Chrome allows more than one user to log into it at a time without sharing the account history or other personal attributes. Moreover, get all basic features, including themes, incognito mode, and bookmarks on Chrome. Above all, Chrome is supported on many devices. Now, let us see how to get Google Chrome on Roku.


Chrome on Roku

Chrome is a dynamic browser, and it lets you bookmark important websites. This makes it easier to access them later. The app has a simple design with colorful themes to suit your taste. It shows your browsing history and the download history for ease of access. One of the advantageous features of Chrome is that you can cast tabs from Chrome on other devices. We are going to make use of this feature of Chrome to access Chrome on Roku.


Chrome is unavailable for Roku. So, you will have to screen mirror Chrome from supported devices like Android or iOS devices and PC. To do that, the following are the pre-requirements that should be met.

1. Enable the Screen mirroring on Roku from Settings > System > Screen mirroring > Screen mirroring mode > Prompt or Always Allow.

2. Turn on AirPlay on Roku from Settings > Apple AirPlay and HomeKit > Apple AirPlay and HomeKit Settings. Scroll down to AirPlay and turn it on.

3. Connect Android or iOS devices or PC and Roku to the same wifi network.

Screen Mirror Google Chrome to Roku From Android Devices

1. If the Chrome browser is pre-installed on your Android device, launch it. Otherwise, you can install the Chrome app from the Google Play Store.

2. Accept the terms and conditions if required.

3. Next, swipe down the Notification Panel and tap on the Cast icon.

Tap on Cast

4. Now, your Android device will scan for nearby devices. From there, choose your Roku device.

5. After that, go back to the Chrome browser and mirror it to Roku.

Note: If the built-in screen mirroring feature on your Android device is not well optimized, you can check on the best screen mirroring app for Android to Roku.

Screen Mirror Google Chrome to Roku From iOS Device

1. Pull down the Control Center and then find the Screen Mirroring icon.

2. Tap on the Screen Mirroring icon and choose your Roku device.

Tap on Screen Mirroring

3. Input the AirPlay passcode displayed on your TV display on your iOS device and tap on OK.

4. Your iOS devices’s screen will now be mirrored to Roku.

5. Now, open the Chrome browser on your iOS device.

Google Chrome Browser Download Link: App Store

6. Accept the terms and conditions and then mirror its content to Roku.

Screen Mirror Google Chrome to Roku From PC

1. Download the Google Chrome installer file on your PC.

Google Chrome Installer File: Download Link

2. Next, open the Google Chrome installer file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Google Chrome app.

Chrome browser

3. After installing the Google Chrome app, launch it.

4. Next, click on the Action Center icon from the upper right corner.

5. Select the Connect tile and then choose your Roku device displayed on the new window.

Select Roku

6. Go back to the Chrome browser and mirror its content to Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a web browser available for TCL Roku TV?

No, there is no web browser available for Roku to browse on the internet.

2. Can I Cast Android Chrome to Roku?

Yes, you can screen mirror the Google Chrome browser from Android device to Roku.