Do you know that your Roku TV has an in-built screen mirroring feature? If that’s not the case, you should know by now. And most users feel that screen mirroring is a useful feature. But to use the screen mirroring on Roku, you have to enable it from the Settings. After that, you will be able to mirror your Android Smartphone to your Roku TV. Even on Android devices, you can find the in-built mirroring feature. But some users are complaining that it is not working properly. So, to fix the issue, we have come up with the best screen mirroring app for Android to Roku. Also, you can find the details regarding the same in the following article.

Best screen mirroring app for Android to Roku

Top Best Screen Mirroring App for Android to Roku

The following is the list of best apps or options to mirror your Android Smartphone to your Roku device.

Android’s In-Built Screen Mirroring Feature

Every Android Smartphone has a built-In Screen Mirroring feature. So, with that feature, you can easily get your Android Smartphone mirrored to your Roku TV. It is actually very easy to use, and there are no extra steps to connect and play. And this feature makes it easy to enjoy streaming videos and watching movies on a wider display with such ease. But in order to mirror your Android Smartphone’s screen to Roku, you must have enabled the screen mirroring feature on Roku.

How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku

[1] Go to the Settings on your Roku device.

Select Settings

[2] From the Settings, choose the System option.

Select System

[3] Now, select Screen mirroring > Screen mirroring mode.

Select Screen Mirroring mode

[4] Select the Prompt or Allways Allow option to enable the screen mirroring on Roku.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku

[5] After that, connect your Android Smartphone and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network.

[6] Finally, go to the Notification Panel and tap on the Cast icon.

How to enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku

Google Home

Best screen mirroring app for Android to Roku Google Home

We chose Google Home for our second pick as it is compatible with a lot of devices, and the list keeps increasing. You can literally connect from cameras, lights, thermostats, and more. Google home is also praised for its security. Google Home lets you play movies, music, browse pictures, and much more on Roku TV. And with the easy-to-use feature, you can do anything with a single tap.

To use the Google Home app, follow the steps below:

[1] First of all, ensure that you have enabled the screen mirroring on Roku.

[2] Install the Google Home app on your Android smartphone from the Google Play Store.

[3] After installing the Google Home app, launch the app. Next, tap on the + icon from the upper left corner and follow the prompts on-screen to pair your Roku TV to the Google Home app.

[4] After that, select your Roku device from the Google Home app’s home screen.

Best screen mirroring app for Android to Roku Google Home

[5] Then, tap on the Cast button.

[6] Finally, your Android Smartphone’s screen will be mirrored on your Roku TV.

On its main interface itself, you’ll see the Roku device name; click on that. You can now use the Roku device to screen your Android device.

EasyCast-Screen Mirroring & Cast Phone to TV

EasyCast-Screen Mirroring & Cast Phone to TV

EasyCast is the second most downloaded screen mirroring app on the Google Play Store, and it is supported on multiple platforms like Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Vizio, LG Smart TV, Hisense, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Philips, Insignia, and so much more. This screen mirroring app is incredibly stable and fast. Also, you can connect to multiple video playback modes.

Cast to TV for Chromecast/Roku/Apple TV/Xbox/Fire TV

Next up is Cast to TV for Chromecast/Roku/Apple TV/Xbox/Fire TV; this is a product from the app developer Castify. This app lets you stream music, photos, videos, and other media content on your Roku. Even you can play media content from the websites. Also, this screen mirroring app supports custom themes. And the best part is it even blocks pop-ups from websites.

Best Screen Mirroring App for Android to Roku

LetsView- Wireless Screen Cast

LetsView is an app available on Android which is recommended because of its low latency high quality streaming prowess. This app developed by Wangxu Tech is great for gaming purposes. In fact, this app is suggested for gaming because of a key feature. LetsView supports live streams from virtually all platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, PUBG Mobile, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Mobile Legends, etc. It contains a real-time whiteboard feature and supports all Android devices from 5.0 and onwards.

LetsView- Wireless Screen Cast

With that, our list of top Best screen mirroring apps for Android to Roku ends. However, there are many more that you can try. These are the few which we have tried and tested. And we believe which won’t be any hassle for anyone.


1. How to screen mirror Android smartphone to Roku without Wi-Fi?

You can screen mirror to Roku even if you don’t have access to the internet. To do so, you’ll need to connect your Roku device over a wired connection.

2. Can I mirror my Android phone to Roku TV?

Yes, screen mirroring is possible on Roku TV.