With the Google Home app, you can connect your streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast, and more. Once your devices are connected, you can easily screen mirror your media files from Google Home to your connected device. Even, you can control your compatible streaming devices like Roku with the Google Assistant feature within the Google Home app. Using the Google Assistant will help you in various aspects when your remote is out of reach and in other certain situations.

What Can you Do With Google Voice Assistant on Roku?

Control Roku:

If your Roku TVs screen is off due to inactivity, you can easily control your Roku using the voice command.

Use the Voice command “Hey Google” followed by:

  • “Turn on Roku”
  • “Mute Roku”
  • “Change to channel 89 on Roku”

Control the Media Playback

If you are watching a movie or TV show on Roku, you can use the command “Hey Google” followed by:

  • “Pause on Roku”
  • “Fast Forward on Roku”
  • “Rewind on Roku”

Search for Entertainment using Voice

You also use the voice command to search for entertainment. To do that, use the voice command “Hey Google” followed by:

“find action movies on Roku”

“find documentaries on Roku”

Note: Fast TV Start must be enabled on Roku to use the Google Voice Assistant while your TV screen is turned off.

To enable Fast TV Start, you can follow the steps below:

[1] Again press the Home button on your Roku remote.

[2] Select Settings from the menu.

[3] Navigate to System under settings

[5] Now scroll up to Power in the System settings.

[6] Under Power Settings, Enable Fast TV Start.

Enable fast TV start

Pre-Requisite to use Google Voice Assistant on Roku

Before using the Google Voice Assistant on Roku, you need to make sure that your Roku device’s firmware is on Roku OS 9.1 or higher. If not, you need to update Roku to the latest version. To find your Roku OS version, go to Settings > System > About.

How to Set Up and Use Google Home on Roku

First, you use the Google Voice Assistant on Roku; you need to link your Roku with the Google Home app that is available on Android or iOS devices.

1. Launch the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device. If you don’t have the Google Home app, install the app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Sign in with your Google Account.

3. After that, tap on the + icon from the upper left corner.

Select the Plus icon

4. Next, choose the Set up device option.

Tap on Set up device

5. Tap on the Works with Google option.

Tap on Works with Google - Google on Roku

6. Search for Roku and select it from the search results.

Tap on Roku - Google on Roku

7. Enter your Roku account credentials to sign in with your Roku account credentials.

8. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to connect your Roku to the Google Home app.

9. Finally, your Roku will be linked to the Google Home app.

Now, you can tap on the Google Assistant icon from the center of the Google Home app’s main screen to use the voice commands to control your Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a web browser for Roku?

No, web browsers are not available on Roku.

2. Can I connect Roku to Google Home?

Yes, you can connect Roku to the Google Home app.