No intro is necessary for the social media giant Facebook which has been in existence for nearly two decades. Even the launch of hundreds of similar platforms couldn’t shake the spook of Facebook, and its user base is still consistently growing by over 2.9 billion. Handiness to use and constant feature updation are the key reasons for its success till now. Despite all this, Facebook is unavailable on the most potent device Roku. But you can Screen Mirroring Facebook to access it on Roku from devices like Smartphones & PCs.

How Much is Facebook

Facebook is totally a free-to-use platform for both customers and businesses. You don’t need to spend a penny creating and using a Facebook Account.

What’s on Facebook

  • On Facebook’s newsfeed, users can see the content posted by their friends and the pages they follow.
  • Users can like, react & comment on posts that are available as a whole only on Facebook.
  • Users can chat with other users using the Messenger feature.
  • Facebook provides games for users to play online.
  • With the Meta Business Suite feature on Facebook, users can link their online business to other meta platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

How to Sign Up for Facebook

1. On a browser, go to Facebook’s official website.

2. Click on Create new account.

3. Now, enter your name, email address or mobile number, password, DOB, and gender, and click on Sign Up.

4. Now, a verification code will be sent to the e-mail or mobile number you provided.

5. After successful verification, your account gets created.

6. Now, you can log in using the Email address or Phone number & Password and start using Facebook.

Ways to Access Facebook on Roku

As already mentioned, there’s no official Facebook app on the Roku Channel Store. But, it is available as an app or can be accessed from its website on similar other platforms. We use the Screen Mirroring method to cast Facebook on Roku from those platforms. Those platforms are mentioned below.

There are a few prerequisites that we need to take care of before we start Screen mirroring and they are,

  • Connecting Roku and the device to be screen-mirrored to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Enabling screen Mirroring on your Roku device.
  • Installing Facebook’s Android and iPhone apps on your respective devices.

Screen Mirror Facebook on Roku from Android Device

1. On your Android device, swipe down to open the Notification Panel.

2. On the Notification Panel, tap on the Cast option.

With the Cast option, watch Facebook on Roku

3. Your Android device will search for nearby devices.

4. Once your Roku device name is displayed, click on it. Now, your Android device’s screen will be mirrored to Roku.

5. Launch the Facebook app installed on your device.

6. Sign in to your Facebook account and stream its content on your Roku-connected TV.

Log in to your Facebook account on your facebook app

Screen Mirror Facebook on Roku from iPhone

1. On your iPhone, open the Control Center and tap the Screen Mirroring icon.

With the Screen Mirroring option, watch Facebook on Roku

2. Choose your Roku device from the list of available devices and connect to it.

3. After that, launch the Facebook app and sign in to your account.

4. Finally, you can mirror the contents from the Facebook app to your TV.

Screen Mirror Facebook on Roku from Windows PC

1. Open a browser on your Windows PC and visit the official website of Facebook.

2. Then, log in to your Facebook account.

Login Facebook

3. Next, press the Windows + K shortcut key on the keyboard.

4. A pop-up with the list of available devices for casting will appear on the right side of the screen.

Screen Mirror from Windows PC

5. Choose your Roku device and cast the contents from the social media’s webpage onto your Roku-connected TV.

Screen Mirror Facebook on Roku from Mac

1. Turn on your Mac and connect it to Wi-Fi.

2. Enable the Screen Mirroring option from its Control Centre.

Screen Mirroring from Mac

3. Select your Roku device and connect it to your Mac.

4. Now, open a web browser on Mac and visit Facebook’s website.

5. Sign in to your respective account, and start browsing Facebook with Mac and Roku.

Facebook Mac UI

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Facebook Watch on Roku/Roku TV?

As there is no official app on Roku, you have to Screen Mirror Facebook Watch from Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac devices on Roku.

2. Can I use Facebook Gaming & Facebook Live on TCL Roku TV?

Yes, by Screen Mirroring the Facebook Games and Facebook Live from other devices you can access them on Roku.