Google TV is a Smart TV operating system that merges content from all streaming channels into a single platform. On the other hand, Roku is a digital media streaming service that allows accessing your favorites by adding channels. Google TV and Roku differ in their features and specification. It’s hard to choose between Google TV and Roku since both have the best user experience. So, by comparing Google TV vs Roku, you will have an idea of choosing the best streaming device for you.

Comparing Google TV vs Roku

The following section contains various aspects you can compare to choose the best streaming device for you.

[1] User Interface

User Interface with Google TV and Roku

Roku– Every Roku device has its own user interface, and they run on Roku OS. Roku devices provide an on-screen interface feature that consists of the channels, settings menu, Channel Store, and search features. The user interface of Roku is very much similar to that of the Google TV, but the familiarity of the interface of the Roku device among the users makes Roku win over the game.

Google TV– The best part of the Google TV interface is that all the movies, subscriptions, and shows are organized in the best possible way. Since all the available shows and recommendations are listed coordinately, it’s easy for the users to pick one from them.

[2] Pictures and Sound Quality

Pictures and Sound Quality with Google TV and Roku

Roku– Besides HDR quality, HLG is another quality that most users may prefer. Roku TV has HLG quality, while Google TV does not. That does not make a huge difference since HLG is not as much effective as HDR, and it offers slow and delayed performance. Roku supports both premium picture and sound codecs.

Google TV– More or less, both devices offer the same picture and sound quality. Google TV supports Dolby Vision and Atmos. You can easily adjust the Google TV picture and sound quality by navigating to the settings menu.

[3] Live TV

Roku– Not all Roku devices have the live TV streaming feature. However, some of the latest versions of the Roku OS provide its users with the Live TV feature. This is to promote the Live TV applications. Roku OS launched a Live TV zone and collaborated with some third-party apps in order to promote the Live TV shows and Live TV applications on the Roku Channel Store.

Google TV– Live TV is one of the coolest features that every streaming device must possess. Google TV offers the Live TV option to stream content from Sling TV or Youtube TV. To make Live TV streaming on Google TV more easier, you can integrate it with more efficient streaming services like Fubo TV or Hulu TV.

[4] Design

Roku– Every streaming device must possess its own unique design. Every feature must be designed differently such that it user friendly in nature. All Roku devices are designed in such a way that it is simple, easy, and satisfy the users.

Google TV– Google TV has an oval-shaped design, and the Roku device is a rectangular dongle that you can hide it behind your TV. Google TV has a USB-C port that allows USB-C slots for accessories such as adapters. The Google TV app is designed by some of the world’s best designers in such a way that it is illustrative, user-friendly, and simple.

[5] Remotes

Google TV Vs Roku remote

Roku– When it comes to remote, Roku wins over since it has a remote with bi-directional pads and all the upgraded features like private listening and specifications when compared to the Google TV. The four types of Roku remote are Simple remote, Voice remote and Enhanced voice remote, and Roku voice remote pro.

Google TV- Google TV’s remote has a simple design with very few buttons to control your TV. Although the Roku remote is simple, it has a remote with more enhanced features, specifications, and accessibility. Therefore, Roku wins over this round.


[1] Which has better storage Google TV or Roku?

When it comes to storage, Google TV has a better storage capacity when compared to Roku. Google TV has 8 GB storage, whereas Roku has only 2 GB storage.

[2] Is Google TV worth getting?

Yes, absolutely; Google TV is definitely worth the price since it has a high-core processor with fast performance.