YouTube is home to all forms of video content like kid’s suitable content, DIYs, tutorials, and many more. However, for a parent with kiddies around who adore streaming content using YouTube on a Roku device, you may want to restrict their access to the site, particularly when you’re not around them, lest they stumble on misleading or unpleasant content. But how do you block YouTube on Roku?

Roku device comes with parental control function integrated into its operating system, where you can follow a straightforward procedure to modify the settings and block YouTube on Roku. It lets you limit the range of content that kids can access by using the YouTube app on Roku or blocking the launch of the YouTube app entirely. Let’s look at the different ways to block YouTube on Roku.

Can you Block YouTube on Roku?

There is no option left for you to block YouTube on Roku. However, you have the parental Control feature left with you. So, you can impose restrictions on YouTube to watch implicit content with the Parental Control feature. At the same time, you can enable the parental Control on Roku to impose some restrictions on your streaming device.

Methods to block YouTube on Roku

  • By enabling parental control on Roku
  • Enable the Restricted mode on Roku
  • Remove the YouTube channel

How to use Roku parental control to block YouTube Channel on Roku TV

#1 Go to the official Roku Channel Store using any browser on your mobile or desktop. Next, sign in to your account.

#2 Click on your Profile icon and select My Accounts.

#3 Choose the Update option presented below the ‘Pin Preference’ section.

how to block youtube on roku

#4 Now, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see the “To Always require a Pin to make purchases and add items from the channel store” option; just select it.

#5 Then, go to Settings > Parental Controls. Then, select Enable Parental Controls and turn it on.

#6 That’s all; the Roku parental control is now enabled. Hereafter, your kids won’t be able to add a YouTube channel on Roku without your knowledge. Since it asks them to enter the pin number every time when they try to add a new channel on the Roku device.

Alternative Method – Set Up Restricted Mode on YouTube

The YouTube app comes with a default parental control option; with that, you can block unappropriated content by using the restriction mode. Let us look into the procedure to enable restriction mode on YouTube,

#1 Launch the YouTube channel on your Roku device.

#2 Go to YouTube’s Settings menu.

#3 Scroll down until you see the Restriction Mode option under the ‘Settings’ menu.

how to block youtube on roku

#4 Finally, Enable “Restriction Mode.”

Now, your child is safe from watching inappropriate content.

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How to Uninstall YouTube channel on Roku

If you can’t get rid of the inappropriate content on YouTube, the only option you have left with is to remove the channel on your streaming device.

#1 Head to Roku Main Screen.

#2 Choose the My Channels option on Roku’s main page using your Roku remote.

#3 Then go to YouTube on the My Channels section and press the * button on the remote.

#4 Select the Remove Channel option and tap on OK.

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#5 Finalize the action by clicking on OK again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you block the YouTube app on Roku TV?

Yes, you can block YouTube on your Roku TV with the Parental Control feature.

2. Will Enabling Parental Control blocks ads on YouTube?

No, enabling Parental Controls will not block ads on YouTube.