SHOWTIME is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a 30-day free trial. During the free trial, you can access the SHOWTIME app for free. Even canceling the subscription during the free trial won’t get your bank account debited with the subscription cost. But that’s not all, as you can cancel the SHOWTIME subscription directly from Roku also.


Possible Ways to Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

There are two ways to cancel your SHOWTIME subscription directly using your Roku device. They are:

  • Cancel the Subscription Directly through Roku
  • Cancel the Subscription through Roku’s Official Website

Cancel SHOWTIME Subscription Directly Through Roku

1. Turn on your Roku and get to the home screen.

2. Press the Right button on your remote to open the channel’s grid.

3. Choose the SHOWTIME app and press the Asterisk (*) button on the remote.

4. Scroll down and choose the Manage subscription option.

Tap Manage Subscription - Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

5. Next, choose the Cancel Subscription option from the pop-up window.

Select Cancel Subscription to cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

6. Once again, hit the Cancel Subscription option to confirm canceling the SHOWTIME subscription.

Click Cancel Subscription

Cancel SHOWTIME Subscription Through Roku’s Official Website

1. Visit the official website of Roku using any browser on your smartphone or PC.

2. Click the Sign In button from the upper right corner.

3. Enter the Roku account credentials to sign in to your Roku account.

Sign in to your Roku account

4. Choose the My Account option.

5. Next, scroll down to the Manage account section and click on the Manage your Subscriptions option.

Click Manage your Subscription on Roku website

6. Find SHOWTIME under your subscription list and click on the Unsubscribe button.

Confirm the selection if required and cancel your SHOWTIME subscription.

Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

Other Ways to Cancel SHOWTIME Subscription on Roku

In case you haven’t subscribed to SHOWTIME using Roku, you can cancel the subscription through SHOWTIME’s official website.

1. Open any web browser on your smartphone or PC.

2. Next, get to the official website of SHOWTIME.

3. Sign in with your subscription account.

4. Next, click the Profile icon from the upper right corner and select the Settings option.

Select Settings

5. Scroll down to the Your Account section and click on the Cancel Your Subscription option.

Click Cancel Your Subscriptions

6. Select the reason for canceling your subscription.

Choose a reason - Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

Finally, the SHOWTIME subscription on Roku will be canceled.

Will I Get a Refund After Cancelling SHOWTIME Subscription

No refund is applicable for canceling the subscription on SHOWTIME. However, you can still get access to the SHOWTIME platform until the existing validity expires. For Example, if your SHOWTIME subscription is valid till 25/10/2022 and you have canceled the subscription on 20/10/2022, you can still continue using SHOWTIME for 5 days.