SHOWTIME is a premium TV Channel in the United States, and it has a streaming app to watch the content online. It offers a free trial for 30 days to check the service. The subscription of SHOWTIME costs $10.99 per month. You could cancel the subscription on or before the free trial due date to escape from the charges. Let’s see how to cancel the SHOWTIME subscription on Roku.


SHOWTIME stream the live TV channel as well as on-demand content. It offers movies, series, documentaries, Comedy Shows, sporting events, and originals. You could download the contents for offline streaming.

How to Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku?

Roku offers a SHOWTIME subscription to be purchased with the Roku account. You can cancel the subscription before the free trial or end date to eliminate the automatic billing for next month.

The cancellation of SHOWTIME subscription can be done on Roku device and Roku website.

How to Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku device?

#1 Plug-in Roku device to the TV and start Roku.

#2 Log in to your account and press the home button on the remote to get the menu.

#3 Select Search and type SHOWTIME in the search.

#4 Choose the SHOWTIME app and press * button on the remote.

#5 Scroll down and click Manage subscriptions.

Tap Manage Subscription - Cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

#6 Select Cancel Subscription to close SHOWTIME subscriptions.

Select Cancel Subscription to cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

#7 In the next screen, tap Cancel Subscription to assure the cancellation.

Click Cancel Subscription

Using Roku Website

#1 Visit Roku website on your PC using any browser.

#2 Click Sign In and enter the Roku account credentials.

Sign in to your Roku account

#3 Choose Manage Your Subscriptions under My Account.

Click Manage your Subscription on Roku website

#4 Select SHOWTIME from the available channels.

#5 Tap Unsubscribe to cancel the subscription and click Done to confirm canceling of the SHOWTIME subscription.

Select Unsubscribe to cancel SHOWTIME on Roku

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How to Cancel SHOWTIME Subscription from SHOWTIME Portal?

You have to cancel the SHOWTIME subscription on the official site if you have bought the subscription in the website.

#1 Start your PC/ Laptop and open Google Chrome browser.

#2 Go to SHOWTIME website and tap Sign In.

#3 Enter your account details and click Profile icon.

#4 Choose Account Settings and tap Your Subscription.

#5 Click Cancel Your Subscription to end the subscription.

Hence, the SHOWTIME subscription can be ended on Roku in two ways. The cancellation will not provide any refund for the previous subscription, but it let you watch the contents till the due date.