Roku remote is essential to control the power of your Roku TV and perform any functions on the device. It can be frustrating when your Roku remote fails to work or isn’t working efficiently in the midst of watching your favorite show or movie. There are various reasons for the occurrence of such issues in your Roku remote. But the most probable cause would be a remote battery drain out. Routinely checking on the Roku remote battery levels can save you time and alert you to replace the batteries so you won’t get into such frustration. Follow the upcoming instructions to check your Roku remote battery level.

How to Check Roku Remote Battery Level

If your Roku remote isn’t working completely, you shall try replacing the batteries as a primary step. If it is slowing down or not working at times, then you can check the battery level once before considering replacing batteries or moving on to troubleshooting.

When you follow the upcoming steps, the remote battery level can be seen directly on your TV connected to your Roku device.

1. Turn on your Roku device and navigate to the home screen.

2. Choose the Settings option from the menu. A list of options will be displayed under Settings.

Click Settings

3. Select the Remote & devices option and choose Remotes in the next menu.

choose Remote & devices on Roku

4. Tap on the name of your Roku remote.

5. Click About so that the screen displays the information linked to the remote.

check battery on Roku

6. Find the Roku remote battery level in the Battery Level field.

How to Check Roku Voice Remote Battery

There is a significant difference in the method to check the battery level of the Roku Voice remote and the Simple remote. The method involves voice commands to check the battery level. Here’s how to do it.

1. Switch on your Roku device.

2. Press and hold the voice button on your Roku Voice remote and say the command ‘Battery level in remote.’

click voice button

3. That’s it! Your remote battery life will be displayed on the screen.

Note: The voice button is found as a microphone icon on newer remotes and a magnifying glass icon on older remotes.

Way to Fix Roku Remote Battery Drain

Although bad batteries are a major reason for battery drain, the remote not properly paired to the TV can also lead to battery drain. Follow the below method to fix the pairing issue on Roku.

1. Look inside the battery compartment and locate the pairing button.

pairing button on Roku remote

2. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the pairing LED light starts flashing.

3. Then, restart your Roku TV.

4. Wait till the Voice remote pairs with your TV.

5. After the successful pairing of the voice remote and TV, the TV screen displays the battery status of the voice remote.

Note: If the pairing LED light does not flash, replace the batteries and try the steps again. You can also power cycle your TV to fix the pairing issue.

If the above-discussed method does not work for you, then you can try resetting the Roku remote or resetting the Roku device to fix the Roku remote battery-draining issue.


[1] How long do Roku remote batteries last?

Under normal conditions, the Roku remote battery should last at least two months.

[2] Why does my Roku remote say low battery?

Roku remote might say low battery if it reaches the end of its lifespan or if it is not properly paired with your TV.

[3] How to check Roku remote battery life?

To check Roku remote battery: 1. Choose Settings → Remote & devices → Remote 2. Select your Roku remote 3. Click About and then find your remote’s battery life on the screen.