If you need to know how to reset your Roku remote we can help. We understand that you bought a Roku device with the hopes of using it to stream your favorite channel. Suppose let us assume that your Roku remote even can’t perform basic functions. For those caught by this problem, we are going to help you solve it in some easy steps. With this hopefully, you will be back in no time to holding the power of millions of content in your hand with that Roku remote.

NOTE: There are various types of Roku devices, So, you will get a different Roku remote in terms of design for each Roku device model.

How to reset Roku remote

How to Reset Roku Remote

Before knowing how to reset your remote we have to first find out which one it is. The steps to reset your remote may vary as per the result. Now there are basically two types of Roku Remote as listed below:

[1] Standard IR (Infrared).

[2] Enhanced remote (point anywhere)

Types Roku remotes

Now if you are not sure which one is yours you can just open the back of your remote to know it. If there is a small button at the bottom of the remote then it is one of the latest enhanced remotes. And if not then it is one of the older Standard IR remotes.

How to Reset your Roku Standard IR Remote

You can take it as good news or a bad one. But you can’t reset your Standard IR remote. This is because the IR Remote is only a basic remote. So, there is no way to reset your IR remote. If it still doesn’t answer your queries you can maybe try fixing your remote. At the same time, you can follow the minor troubleshooting methods given below which might help you.

How to reset your Roku Standard IR remote

Visible obstruction between the Roku device and the remote: Yes this is a very viable problem as the Standard remote works on the IR (infrared) technology. For the remote to work there should be a clear path between the remote and the Roku device. This is because it is very much a possibility that the IR rays can be blocked by simple day-to-day life objects.

To resolve this issue simply check whether there is any obstruction in-between. If not then try your remote from a little higher position or shift it left or right. This is because of some obstruction you might have not noticed.

Checking the batteries: This might be the root of all problems. Many a time due to batteries not being in proper alignment or being loosely fitted in. You can try removing the batteries and try putting them back in. Also if you aren’t sure whether the batteries are fully charged or not you can just try replacing them with new ones maybe that fixes it. At the same time, doing this will fix the Roku remote not working issue.

How to Reset your Roku Enhanced Remote

By following the steps given below you can easily complete the reset process of your Roku remote :

[1] First and foremost will be to remove the batteries from the remote and unplug the power cable of your Roku device, After doing so wait for 5 to 10 seconds and plug it back in again.

[2] Now that you have done that put back the batteries on your Roku remote and plug the power cable back into the power source.

How to reset your Roku Enhanced remote

[3] Next, press and hold the Reset button located at the back of the remote near the battery compartment as shown below. Press the Reset button for about 5 seconds

Reset button

[4] Near the paring button, you can see the pairing light usually green in color starts blinking.

Roku remote green light blinking for pairing

Once the blinking stops, your Roku remote will be reset to factory default.

NOTE: Also, the above steps will help you fix the blinking green light issue on Roku.

By this simple procedure, you can reset your Roku remote no matter it be a Standard one or the enhanced one. However, if it still doesn’t work it’s better that you contact the Roku support or get a new one.


1. Can you reset Roku remote?

Yes, you have the option to reset your Roku remote.

2. How to reset Roku TV without a remote?

Locate the reset button on the back of the TV and press it to begin factory reset, or use the Roku Remote App to reset Roku TV without a remote. If your Roku TV doesn’t have a reset button, press the mute and power buttons simultaneously.