Roku devices have evolved a lot over time and have become more solid enough to work on the latest TVs of any brand. But there are lots of Roku lovers with a bit aged TVs who’d also like to join the party. Because the current Roku devices come with HDMI cables to connect with the brand-new TVs, and old TVs only have RCA cable ports. If you are one such old TV user who’s wondering how to use Roku on TV without HDMI, you are in luck. Because here we present you the ways to do it.

Ways to Connect Roku to TV Without HDMI

The problem in this scenario is your TV which doesn’t have an HDMI port, is most probably receiving only analog signals. As Roku is a contemporary device, it transfers only uncompressed audio or video data to its connected source. This cannot be received by your TV.

So to hook up Roku or TV Stick to a TV without using an HDMI cable, then you have to seek the help of three handy gadgets. They are:

Using HDMI to AV Converter

To use Roku on TV without HDMI in a more cost-effective way, getting an HDMI to AV converter is the best option. It is a portable device that is mostly available in any of your nearby electronic stores. There are lots of options to pick in different colors and specifications from multiple brands. So, look for a long-lasting HDMI to AV converter that is compatible with Roku devices.

[1] Then, connect the HDMI cable of your Roku device or TV stick to the HDMI port of the converter.

[2] Later, connect the RCA cables of the converter to its respective port on the TV.

Connect Roku to TV without HDMI

[3] After that, plug in the power cord and power on the Roku-connected TV.

[4] Now, select the Settings option on the TV from the Roku Home page.

[5] Go to the TV inputs option and change the input on Roku to AV.

Change input on Roku

[6] Click OK and select the Set up input option.

[7] After a few seconds of loading, your Roku device and TV will be connected without a HDMI port.

Using Converter Box

The next better option for connecting your HDMI portless TV and Roku is a converter box. Just like an AV converter, a converter box is also available easily but is slightly costlier. So choose the latest and feature-rich model and proceed to the connection process,

[1] Connect your Roku TV Stick or Roku device to the HDMI port of the converter box.

[2] Next, connect the RCA cables side of the converter to your TV’s RCA port.

Connect Roku to TV without HDMI

[3] Now, turn on the Roku-connected TV and change the input to AV (using the procedure mentioned in the previous heading).

[4] Now you can connect the internet to your Roku and watch any of your favorite channels on your TV.

With RCA Cables

There is another unpopular method for streaming with Roku on your non-HDMI TV. That is opting for an older version of Roku. Back in 2018, Roku launched the Roku Express Plus model with RCA cables (also called composite cables). With it, you can directly connect to a TV without HDMI.

Roku Express Plus device

So if you’re not in the idea of changing TV for a while and haven’t yet bought Roku for your non-HDMI TV, buy the Roku Express Plus device without a second thought.

If you already have a Roku device, then this way isn’t suitable for you. Either embrace any of the first two methods or else upgrade your TV.


How to connect the soundbar to Roku TV without HDMI?

There are three ways to connect your soundbar to Roku without HDMI. The first one is connecting the optical cable from the soundbar to the S/PDIF output of Roku. Next is using Bluetooth to connect your soundbar and Roku. And the final way is to connect both devices to the same WiFi network.

Can you connect Roku to a non-Smart TV?

Yes, you can connect Roku to your non-smart TV using an HDMI to AV converter or converter box.

How to connect Roku to a TV without a USB port?

Actually, Roku devices or TV sticks are connected to the HDMI ports of the TV. They have nothing to do with USB ports. So, if your TV doesn’t have a USB port, you can simply use an HDMI port to get the job done.

How to connect Roku to a TV without a cable box?

You can set up the Roku device without involving a cable box just by connecting it directly to the TV and choosing the right input.