Zoom is a service that is used to host meetings online to connect business clients and workers in a private room. The platform is used to organize video conferences and share videos, text, messages, etc, on the app easily. Since the app is freemium and compatible with many devices, Zoom Cloud Meetings is not available on Roku. To access the platform on your big screen, you can use the screen mirroring steps on your smartphone.

How Much Does Zoom Cost on Roku

Zoom offers free and three different premium plans for individuals and business people.

  • Pro: $15.99/ month
  • Business: $19.99/ month
  • Business Plus: $25.00/ month
  • Enterprise: The pricing differs based on the members in your organization.

What’s on Zoom Cloud Meetings

  • Using the premium, you can get to host a long stretch meeting for up to 30 hours.
  • The premium of Zoom allows up to 1,000 participants in a single room.
  • You can chat with your teammates easily while in the meeting using the Team chat feature.
  • By subscribing to the enterprise packages, you can download or save any data you want in the unlimited DVR space of Zoom.
  • You can enable the translated captions to understand fast-moving meetings.

How to Create Zoom Account?

#1: Open any web browser on any device and go for the Zoom website.

#2. Click on the Sign Up Free button on the top right of the website.

#3: Enter your birth year on the field to verify your age and tap on the Continue button.

#4: On the field, enter your email address and select the Continue button. You can also select your social profile by choosing the onscreen buttons.

Select Sign up

#5: Go check your registered email id and enter the verification code into the website and hit the Verify button.

Enter the Verification Code

#6: Then, enter your name and password and click on the Continue button to finish signing up for Zoom.

How to Get Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku

Since the Zoom platform doesn’t have an individual app in the Roku channel store, you need to use the app by using the screen mirroring feature on your smartphone. Some of the devices that you can use for screen mirroring are,

How to Cast Zoom Cloud Meetings from Android to Roku

Screen mirroring from Android and PC devices to your Roku can be made possible by enabling the screen mirroring feature.

#1: First, connect your Android and Roku devices to the same WiFi network.

#2: Then, open the Play Store app and install the Zoom app on your Android device.

#3: After installing, open the Notification Panel and tap on the Cast icon.

Tap on the Cast icon to view Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku

#4: Select your Roku device from the available devices list and select Allow on Roku to Cast Android screen to Roku.

#5: Now, open the Zoom app and sign in with your account and start casting your meetings on the Roku screen.

How to Screen Cast Zoom Cloud Meetings from Windows PC

Connect your Roku device and Windows PC to the same WiFi network before moving on to the steps.

#1: Open the Chrome web browser and visit the Zoom Website [zoom.us].

#2: Sign in to your Zoom Cloud Meetings account.

Sign In with your Zoom account

#3: After signing in, press Windows + K buttons on your keyboard to open the Cast shortcut pop-up.

#4: Select your Roku device from the list of devices.

#5: The contents on your PC’s screen will now be cast to your Roku.

#6: Now you can Cast the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from a PC to your Roku device.

How to Screen Mirror Zoom Cloud Meetings from iOS to Roku

Make sure that the AirPlay on Roku feature is turned on so that you can mirror the contents on the Roku device from your iOS devices.

#1: Open the App Store on your iOS device and install the Zoom app.

#2: Then connect your iOS to the same WiFi network that Roku is connected to.

#3: Now open the Control Center on your device and click on the Screen mirroring option.

Select Screen mirroring to mirror Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku

#4: Choose your Roku device from the list of available devices.

#5: Your iOS screen will be mirrored on your Roku device.

#6: Launch the Zoom app and sign in with your account details.

#7: Start conducting the meetings on your iOS device and view them on Roku.

How to Screen Mirror Zoom Cloud Meetings from Mac

1. Open Safari or any other web browser and install the Zoom app on your Mac.

2. Next, tap on the Control Center on the home screen and click on the Screen Mirroring option.

Click on the Screen Mirroring option to View Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku

3. Select your Roku device to mirror Mac contents to Roku.

4. After pairing the screens, open the Zoom app and sign in with your account.

5. Now, use your Zoom Cloud meetings and mirror them on your Roku device.

By using the above devices, screen mirror the Zoom app on your Roku device and watch video calls/ meetings on your big screen at home.


What are the alternative apps for the Zoom Clouds on Roku?

You can use Skype, Facebook, and Google Meet on your Roku as alternatives for the Zoom app.