Roku TV is the ultimate product for streaming free movies and on-demand content. Sometimes, while streaming your favorites on the best channels, you can find that the brightness is overloaded. This is because of the default brightness Settings on your TV. This issue may affect your eyesight as well as the streaming experience. However, there are a lot of ways for you to turn down the brightness on Roku TV.

Can you Turn Down the Brightness on Roku TV?

Yes, you can turn the brightness down on your Roku TV. The new Roku TV models have picture mode and local dimming features. With that, you can easily adjust the brightness of your TV. Reducing the brightness on your TV will give you better picture quality and performance.

How to Turn the Brightness Down on Roku TV

There are three ways to turn down the brightness on Roku TV. They are:

Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV using Picture Mode

The first method to turn down the brightness on TV is using the Picture mode. Roku TV models have picture modes Brighter, Bright, Normal, Dark, and Darker. So, you can use the Picture mode settings on your Roku TV.

1. Navigate to Settings on your Roku TV.

2. Scroll down and select the TV Picture Settings option.

3. Choose TV Brightness on the next screen.

4. Pick the Normal mode and click the Exit button.

Pick the Normal mode- how to turn brightness down on Roku tv

Note: Optionally, you can also select Dark or Darker modes depending on the lighting in your room.

5. Now, you have successfully turned down the brightness on your TV.

Turn Brightness Down on Roku by Activating Local Dimming

If you own the latest Roku TV model, you have got another method to reduce brightness, as your TV comes with a built-in local dimming option.

1. Start streaming a movie or TV show on Roku TV.

2. Press the * (Option) button on your remote control.

 Press the * (Option) button

3. Scroll down and select the Advanced picture settings from the menu.

4. Choose the local dimming effect level off, Low, Medium, or High using your Roku remote control.

Choose the local dimming effect level

5. Once selected, the screen brightness will change according to the level.

Turn Brightness Down on Roku using the Roku Secret Menu

If your Roku TV Supports HDR, you can enable the HDR option to get the best picture quality on your TV. This feature also helps you in adjusting your Roku TV brightness, and you can enable the HDR from the Roku secret Menu.

1. Press the Home button five times on your Roku remote control.

2. Next, press the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons once.

3. Press the Rewind button again.

4. Select the Open DVR option on the next screen

Choose HDR

5. After the process, your Roku TV’s brightness will be adjusted automatically.

Alternative Way to Reduce Brightness on Roku TV

Sometimes the brightness on your TV will increase automatically. It is a common issue that occurs due to bugs and glitches on electronic devices. However, you can resolve it by power cycling your device. To power cycle, Unplug the TV cables from the power source and press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds. Leave it disconnected for up to 15 minutes. Plug back the cables and turn on your Roku to check if the brightness is reduced.

The Bottom Line

If you have tried all the above methods and still couldn’t reduce the brightness on your Roku TV, you need to update your Roku TV. Updating your Roku device will remove bugs and glitches on your Roku TV. Further, you can also contact Roku customer support to resolve this issue. They will be able to assist you with the correct solution.