Amazon Prime Video is one of the most popular media streaming platforms. It streams a lot of popular web shows and movies. With Amazon Prime subscription, you get to enjoy exclusive offers as well. Amazon Prime can be accessed on many streaming devices, including Fire TV Stick and Roku. Generally, you get to have apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video pre-installed on Roku. However, you can get them from the Streaming Channels as well. But, at times, you face some problems with Amazon Prime Video on Roku. Let’s discuss troubleshooting for Amazon Prime Video not working on Roku.

Amazon Prime Video

Troubleshooting Tips for Amazon Prime Video not working on Roku.

Amazon Prime Video shows some trouble on Roku in rare cases. Some troubleshooting tips are discussed below for you.

Error message - Amazon Prime Video not working on Roku

Weak Internet Connection

We need to start with checking our W-Fi connection to know if it is slowing down Amazon Prime Video. Firstly, run some other applications on Roku to ensure that your Wi-Fi is perfectly fine. If other apps don’t work on Roku, run some applications on other devices on the same Wi-Fi network. If the same exists on other devices, your Wi-Fi strength is at blame. In case if your Wi-Fi is perfect on another device, remove and re-connect the Roku device on your TV.

Weak Wi-Fi

On the other hand, if other apps run on Roku perfectly in the Wi-Fi, then we can say that the problem is with the Amazon Prime Video app.

VPN and Sideloading of Apps

Roku streams a lot of channels and contents with geographical restrictions. However, we might use VPN to overcoming these geographical restrictions and even sideloading apps. Since the VPN masks your IP Address, Roku doesn’t support it. Furthermore, the sideloaded apps may mess up with other apps running on Roku. Ensure that you don’t have such apps on Roku as a part of troubleshooting.


Restart Roku device

Restarting your Roku device is a very basic troubleshooting method, and you might have probably tried it. However, it resolves most problems on apps not working on Roku by clearing bugs and errors.

Restart - Amazon Prime Video not working on Roku

Updating Amazon Prime Video

Updating the Amazon Prime Video app is another basic troubleshooting method. You might have an auto-update feature on Amazon Prime, but know that it might not always work. You can update it manually to solve this problem.

Uninstall and Install Amazon Prime Video

If uploading doesn’t work, try uninstalling Amazon Prime Video and then re-installing it.

Step1: Go to the home screen and select the Settings option.

Step2: Click on the Applications menu, scroll down to Amazon Prime Video.

Step3: Open settings for the app and then Uninstall it. 

After this, you can download it again and then sign In with credentials.

Check your Subscription

Sometimes, your subscription might have expired, and you might not have noticed. Therefore, make sure that you have updated your subscription. Furthermore, check if you are using your Amazon Prime Video on many devices. Usage of the same account on multiple devices can also affect it.

Log out

Try logging out of your Amazon Prime Video account. Then, Log In again. This can fix problems as well.

Firmware Update

The firmware on Roku might as well be outdated, making it hard for apps to run. The Roku updates the firmware to introduce new features and to fix all the bugs. Therefore, updating your Roku firmware can help you. It is a lot better to keep the auto-update feature on to ensure that the firmware updates itself.

Contact Support

Try all the above troubleshooting tricks at first. If the problem still exists, then call for support.

Amazon Prime Video doesn’t always show problems on Roku and other streaming devices. But, rare cases happen as well. So, when such an issue arises with your Amazon Prime Video app on Roku, try the above mentioned tips. You can always resolve issues with these simple tricks. 

Wrapping Up

These are the common error you may face while using Amazon Prime Video on Roku. Try these simple solutions to fix the issues and errors all by yourself. If you can’t resolve the issue with these solutions, take your Roku device to the nearest service center.