Ring TV on Roku is a happy destination for all boxing fans out there. Initially, the Ring started as a magazine in February of 1922, costing only 20 cents. This well-received Boxing magazine was founded in New York City by Nat Fleischer. However, now it is owned by Oscar De La Hoya and is based in Los Angeles. The Ring also awards boxers with belts to honor them. Apart from the Ring Magazine, we have the Ring TV on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Ring TV

What’s on Ring TV?

The main aim of Ring TV is to stream Boxing videos on demand. Apart from this, we have live matches on Ring TV twice every month as well.

  • LA FIGHT CLUB series featuring younger and rising fighters on different weight categories.
  • Golden Boy boxing events.

Apart from this, you can watch highlights of matches, previous matches, interviews, behind-the-stage scenes, training sessions, press releases, and mini-flight episodes.

Ring TV on Roku

The ring has a long history in the field of Boxing for around 100 years. The Ring TV takes essential care in bringing you top-quality Boxing matches. Hence, it is a worthy choice for all Boxing fans to have the Ring TV channel.

1. Turn on your Roku device and wait for the home page to appear.

2. From the home screen, choose the Streaming Channels option.

3. On the Streaming Channels page, navigate to and choose the Search Channels option.

4. Further, on the search bar type and search for Ring TV.

5. Choose the Ring TV from the search results.


6. Select the Add Channel button and start downloading the channel.

7. Wait for the download to complete and then select the OK button.

8. Launch the Ring TV channel on Roku from the home page.

9. Sign In to your account by entering your details to complete the process.

10. Now the RingTV homepage appears on the screen.

11. Finally, choose the content on the app to stream historical matches or Live boxing matches.

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Wrapping Up

Ring TV mainly focuses on Boxing fans, providing them with good quality boxing content. Some events are streamed live, and you can watch highlights of the matches on demand at any convenient time. The Ring magazine always dedicated itself to provide genuine information regarding Boxing to its fans throughout its existence. Furthermore, they sponsor Belts to the winners of certain series. Moreover, you can listen to certain podcasts on Ring TV, including The Neutral Corner, Tourist Information Podcast, and No Happy endings Podcast.