Roku is a streaming video player that can stream all kinds of video content from the web right to your TV or another device in real time. Although it has been around for a while, Roku isn’t as widely known as Netflix or Hulu, which is in vain. Roku TV takes video streaming to an entirely new level. Unlike its competitors who block each other’s services, this platform brings together nearly all streaming services available out there. That is, Roku lets you stream content from Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, and many other services in one place, which makes it perfect, especially for college students.

We all know that studying in college is always a struggle. Dealing with tons of lectures, homework, and academic papers every week, we bet that all you dream of is relaxing after your busy days and weeks. Roku makes it real. To enjoy it to the fullest, ask professional paper writers to write my coursework for me so that you have a free evening or weekend without harming your grades. And read on to learn about the best things that you can watch on Roku as a student.

1. The Last of Us

The Last of Us -best watch for Students through Roku

This is one of the most awaited TV shows of this year. The Last of Us is an engaging, post-apocalyptic series based on a popular 2013 video game. The show just aired on HBO Max this winter and quickly became the second-biggest premiere for HBO since 2010, with 4.7 million viewers. Not only is it incredibly fascinating to watch, the series only contains nine episodes. Thus, it’s a great thing to stream on Roku as a student because, unlike longer shows, it won’t distract you much from your studies, academic writing, and homework.

2. Mayfair Witches

MayFair Witches

This is another exciting premiere that students don’t want to miss. Mayfair Witches is a supernatural thriller drama series based on The New York Times best-selling novel trilogy by Anne Rice—Lives of the Mayfair Witches. The show was released in January 2023 on AMC+. If you are a fan of Anne Rice and her immortal universe, this is an excellent show to stream on Roku.

3. Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

The following recommendation isn’t a new movie. It is a 2006 comedy starring Dane Cook, Dax Shepard, and Jessica Simpson. But although it’s rather old, it’s a great classic comedy that students should enjoy. Besides, it’s a new addition to Roku TV, so you want to check it out. This hilarious comedy is a great option for a relaxed and laid-back evening after a tedious day in school. So if you want to brighten up your routine, don’t hesitate to use trusted essay writing services to get rid of tedious tasks and enjoy a good-old comedy.

4. The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die

Seven Kings Must Die to watch for Students on Roku

Unlike the previous movie, this one is a fresh release. The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is a 2023 British historical drama available on Netflix and, thus, on Roku too. The movie is a sequel to a highly popular Netflix series, The Last Kingdom. This is a captivating film with an exciting plot and good acting. However, we have to warn you that this movie wraps up the story told in five seasons of The Last Kingdom series. Thus, we highly recommend streaming the TV show first. This will take a while because of your busy student schedule. However, with the support of the best research paper writing services, you will have enough time for your TV show/movie marathon without affecting your academic performance.

The Bottom Line

Roku has a lot of great video content to offer students. By bringing TV shows and movies from all popular streaming services to one place, Roku gives you access to a massive library of the best content.

If you are just getting started with Roku, now you have a list of the top films and series to start with. However, rest assured that after you watch everything from this list, there will be plenty of other great things to enjoy after your exhausting days and weeks in school.