If you keep getting an invalid PIN when you try to enter your pin in your Roku account, we are here to help. To ensure that only authorized users may make purchases, Roku lets you utilize a four-digit PIN. It also serves the purpose of parental control to prevent children from viewing particular types of information. It’s not necessary to use the Roku PIN, but it’s a good idea if there is more than one user. It is very often that Roku PIN is not working because people forget their PIN. So, if you are looking to fix the Roku PIN not working issue, we will try to help you regain control of your Roku PIN in this article.

Methods to Troubleshoot Roku PIN Not working Issue

The following are some of the working methods to fix the Roku PIN not working issue.

Updating your PIN Preference

You must have accidentally disabled the usage of Roku PIN. So, to fix this particular issue, you can follow the steps below.

[1] In a web browser, go to my.roku.com and sign in to your account if necessary.

Updating your PIN

[2] Click on the My Account icon from the upper right corner.

[3] Select the Update button in the PIN Preference section.

Note: If you’ve never used a PIN before, it should be noted that a PIN is not required to make transactions or to see content

Updating  your PIN because Roku PIN not working

[4] If your PIN settings are presently disabled, you must choose Always require a PIN to make purchases and add items from the Channel Store or Always require a PIN to make purchases.

Updating  your PIN because Roku PIN not working

[5] Enter and confirm your preferred PIN. Both fields must be the same. Make any other changes to your PIN settings that you want. You can choose whether the PIN is used for purchases or for parental restrictions. Click the Save Changes button.

Resetting your Roku PIN

Roku makes it simple to change your PIN since, unlike most other PIN-based systems, you don’t need to remember your old one. Only your username and password are required to log into your Roku account. You can also perform a password recovery if you’ve lost your password. To reset your Roku PIN, you can follow the below-mentioned steps

[1] In a web browser, go to my.roku.com and login into your account if necessary. If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot password? And follow the prompts to receive a password reset email.

[2] Click Update under the PIN Preference area. Then, enter and confirm your preferred PIN. Both fields must be the same. To reset or generate a new PIN, you don’t need to remember your old one.

Resetting your Roku PIN

[3] Make any other changes to your PIN settings that you desire, such as whether you want to use the PIN for purchases or for parental controls now click the Save Changes button.

You can change your Roku PIN using this simple approach. Wait 5 minutes after resetting your Roku PIN. Then go to the Roku store and buy the channel with this new PIN for purchase confirmation. If your Roku PIN is still not working, try the following step.

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Disabling Roku PIN if Not Working

All the above steps were for people who wanted to retain having their Roku PIN. For all others who are just tired of having the PIN, we are gonna help you disable it. Follow the steps below to do just that

[1] Use your computer or tablet to Login into your Roku account

Disabling Roku PIN if not working

[2] Go to My Account and select the last choice from the three options listed above, i.e., no pin is required to purchase any subscribed material on your Roku account.

Disabling Roku PIN if not working

[3] After selecting that option, Save changes, and you will never be prompted for a pin again when making a purchase.

Check your E-mail Address

Suppose in the case you have various Roku devices, and each has different PINs. The PIN for one Roku account does not work for another. Our first task is to determine which device is associated with our account. Our Roku pin will not work if our device is linked to another account. As a result, we must always verify this at the initial method. If your device is properly connected, proceed to the next step. Follow these steps to check the email address connected with your Roku device:

[1] Go to System

[2] Then click on the About option

[3] Now in the dropdown menu, select Settings

You should double-check the email address associated with your device. If you discover that the registered email address differs from what you expected, this could be the cause of the issue. Change the related email ID or the pin associated with that email ID.

Factory Resetting your Roku

If your pin still doesn’t work after resetting it, you’ll need to factory reset your Roku device. After resetting the Roku pin, the new Roku pin usually works. If the new Roku pin does not work in your case, you will need to factory reset your Roku device. To factory reset your Roku device, follow the steps below.

[1] Go to the settings option by pressing the home button on your controller.

Factory resetting your Roku

[2] There will be an option for Advanced system settings. Select the Factory Reset option by clicking on it.

Factory resetting your Roku

[3] When you select the factory reset, a code will be created and displayed on your screen. When you enter the code, your player will begin the factory reset process.

Contacting Roku Support

By going to support.roku.com and detailing your circumstance, you can contact the official Roku support team. If you’re having trouble purchasing a specific channel, you should also contact Roku’s support team.

By doing all the methods, you can most likely change or disable your Roku PIN.


1. Why does my Roku TV keep asking for a PIN?

You can create a PIN to prohibit others from making purchases or accessing restricted material on The Roku Channel if you share your Roku streaming device with them.

2. Can I reset my Roku PIN?

Yes, you can reset your Roku PIN if you choose to.