Roku offers many features, including the Roku PIN for installing channels and for other purposes. The four-digit PIN can be created by users after setting up the Roku device. But in recent times, Roku users have found that their Roku Pin is not Working issue. This might happen due to unknown reasons, but to fix this, you can follow some of the common troubleshooting steps on your Roku device.

Reason for Roku PIN Not Working

The not working issue on Roku might happen due to unknown reasons. It might be because of entering the wrong Roku PIN or any software error. Or entering the wrong PIN might have blocked further use for security purposes.

Steps to Fix Roku PIN Not Working

The following are some of the working methods to fix the Roku PIN not working issue.

Updating your PIN Preference

If your Roku PIN is disabled, then you may find the PIN not working while accessing. So you need to check your PIN preferences.

[1] In a web browser, go to the Roku Website [] and sign in to your Roku account.

Updating your PIN

[2] Click on the My Account icon from the upper right corner.

[3] Select the Update button in the PIN Preference section.

Note: If you’ve never used a PIN before, it should be noted that a PIN is not required to make transactions or to see any content.

Updating  your PIN because Roku PIN not working

[4] If your PIN is disabled, then choose Always require a PIN to make purchases and add items from the Channel Store or Always require a PIN to make purchases.

Updating  your PIN because Roku PIN not working

[5] After selecting, confirm your PIN Preferences and click on the Save changes option.

How to Reset your Roku PIN

If you entered the wrong PIN while accessing Roku, you might get the not working error. So to overcome this, you need to Reset the Roku PIN. You can easily Reset your Roku PIN on the Roku website.

[1] In a web browser, visit the Roku website and login into your account.

[2] After signing in with your account, go to the My Account option.

[3] Now navigate and click the Update button under the PIN preferences option.

[4] Select Change PIN and enter the new PIN correctly on both fields.

Resetting your Roku PIN

[5] Next, click on the Save changes option.

Tip: You don’t need the old PIN to reset the new PIN.

After resetting your PIN, enter the Roku PIN to check whether it’s working or not.

Disabling Roku PIN if Not Working

If you don’t need any PIN for safety and to fix the Roku PIN not working, then you can disable it on the Roku website.

[1] On your PC, go to the Roku website and log in with your Roku account.

Disabling Roku PIN if not working

[2] Go to My Account and select the Update button of the PIN preferences option.

[3] Then, Select A PIN is not required to make any purchases or add any items from the Channel store option under the PIN preferences section.

Reset your PIN and click on Save Preferences

[4] Click on the Save Preferences option.

Now you can install channels on Roku without entering Roku PIN.

Check your E-mail Address

If you have more than one Roku account, you might have mistakenly entered the wrong Roku PIN on a different device. So you need to check which Roku device you’re using through the email address.

[1] Select the Settings option on the Roku device.

[2] Then click on the System option

[3] Now choose the About option to display the email address on your Roku screen.

Using the email address, you can find which account you’re using, and you can enter the correct PIN to install channels on our device.

How to Factory Reset your Roku

If your Roku PIN is still not working, then the problem might be with your Roku device. So you can restart your Roku and clear the cache file on Roku. If it doesn’t help, then Factory reset your Roku device. Factory reset could be the last option for fixing the Roku PIN not working issue.

[1] Go to the Settings option by pressing the home button on your controller.

Factory resetting your Roku

[2] Next, click on the System >> Advanced system settings option.

Factory resetting your Roku

[3] Under Advanced System Settings, tap on the Factory Reset option.

[4] Then enter the 4-digit PIN displayed on the lower right area of the screen and click the OK button.

[5] From the displayed pop-up, choose Start Factory Reset option.

Select Start Factory Reset and fix Roku PIN not Working Issue

Now your Roku device will get reset and clear any possible bugs that cause the Roku PIN not to work.

Contacting Roku Support

You can contact Roku tech support for expert help if there are some other issues with the device or software. By trying all the above fixes, solve the Roku PIN not Working issue and enjoy the privacy and parental control on Roku. If all the troubleshooting steps fail to solve the problem, then you can mention them in the comments section below.


Why does my Roku TV keep asking for a PIN?

The Roku PIN is made for the customer’s safety and to enable Parental Control for kids to avoid watching adult content.