The 100 is one of the most popular American post-apocalyptic science fiction dramas. This series was premiered in March 2014 and continued for six years with seven seasons, and ended in September 2020.  The storyline for this Sci-Fi drama is loosely based on the novel with the same name by Kass Morgan. The plot revolves around A group of prisoners sent back to Earth after Hundred years of nuclear Armageddon. In this article, we are going to discuss how to stream The 100 on Roku.           

How to Stream The 100 on Roku?

This multiple award-winning Sci-Fi drama is primarily available on Netflix. However, you can also buy the episode of platforms like Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Apple TV.

Netflix on Roku

This Primary way to get The 100 on Roku is through Netflix. You can download Netflix on Roku Channel Store. The Subscription plans for Netflix come with three versatile packages. The Basic plan comes at $8.99/month with Standard definition streaming quality and streams to one device at a time. The Standard plan costs you $13.99/month and lets you simultaneously stream videos in High Definition to two devices. Finally, the Premium plan offers 4K Ultra HD streaming onto four devices simultaneously at $17.99.All these plans allow you access to every video in their library and let you download them and watch them offline. You need one of these Subscription plans to watch The 100. In case you are not familiar with the downloading process, follow the steps below.

1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote control.

2. On the Roku Home screen, navigate to Streaming channels and Click on it.

The 100 on Roku

3. In the Roku Channel Store, scroll down and select Search channels.

4. Using the On-Screen Keyboard, enter Netflix.

5. Click on Netflix from the search results.

The 100 on Roku

6. On the next screen, click on Add channel.

The 100 on Roku

7. A message will be displayed once Netflix is added to the Home Screen. Select OK.

8. Click on Go to Channel to launch the channel.

9.  Sign In with your Netflix Subscription account.

The 100 on Roku

10. Once you Sign In, you can use the Search function to search for The 100.

11. Of the search results, select The 100.

The 100 on Roku

12. You can watch all the seasons of The 100 via Netflix on your trusted Roku Device.

Alternative Ways

Amazon Prime Video

The subscription to Amazon Prime comes at $12.99/month. You can buy all the episodes of The 100 at $1.99 for each episode.


Vudu is an Ad-Supported free TV streaming service that aims to be a cable cutter. However, it is an Ad-Supported free streaming platform. You have to pay $1.99 for each episode of The 100.

Apple TV

The 100 on Roku

Apple TV costs $4.99/month after the one-week trial it offers to new accounts and is one of the most favored streaming services in the US. The 100 episodes are available at $1.99/ episode On-Demand here.


We have discussed all the options with which you can get The 100 on your Roku Streaming device. Although there are alternative ways, the best option is getting a Netflix Subscription and downloading Netflix off from the Roku Channel Store. This only costs you the Monthly Subscription plan, which will cost you $17.99/month, even if you go for the premium plan. With all the other platforms, you will be buying the episodes at $1.99 each. Therefore for all the 100 episodes, you will end up paying $199, which is significantly higher compared to Netflix. So go for the choice that suits you best and enjoy watching The 100 on Roku.