The Boys is American Superhero series developed by Eric Kripke. The series came out in 2019 with its season on Amazon Prime Video. This captivating superhero series is based on a comic book of the same name published by DC Comics in October 2006. The plot revolves around a team of Vigilantes called “Seven,” who battle with super-powered villains who abuse their superpowers. In this article, we are discussing How to Watch The Boys on Roku.

How to Stream The Boys on Roku?

The series was developed for Amazon Prime Video, and it is the primary choice to watch The Boys on Roku. Installing Prime Video on Roku is a hassle-free process as it is available as a standalone app on Roku Channel Store. The subscription to Amazon Prime comes at $8.99/ month with 4KUHD streaming quality and three simultaneous streams.

Amazon Prime Video on Roku

1. Turn on your Roku device.

2. Press the Home button on the Roku remote control.

3. In the left-side menu, choose Streaming Channels.

The Boys on Roku

4. In the Roku Channel Store, select the Search Channels option in the left-side menu.

5. Using the onscreen keyboard, enter Amazon Prime Video in the search screen and press OK

6. To download the channel to your Roku device, click on Add Channel.

The Boys on Roku

How to Activate Prime Video on Roku?

To start watching Amazon Prime Video on your Roku device, you need to activate it. Follow the steps below.

1. From your installed channels list, Open Amazon Prime video.

2. Click on the Sign-in button to log in to your account.

3. On the Roku TV screen, an Activation Code will be displayed.

4. Using any browser, visit Amazon Prime’s Activation Website.

5., Enter your login details of Amazon Prime Video.

The Boys on Roku

6. Enter the Activation Code shown on TV on the next screen.

7. Once this process is completed, you can watch Amazon Prime video on your Roku device.

The Boys on Amazon Prime Video

1. Open Amazon Prime Video on your Roku device.

2. In the Search bar that you can find in the Left-Side Menu, enter The Boys and search.

3. From the search results, select the show The Boys.

Alternative Ways to Stream The Boys on Roku


The Boys on Roku

Vudu is an Ad-Supported free TV streaming service that aims to be a cable cutter. Though the streaming service is free in itself, you will have to purchase them for $1.99/episode to stream The Boys episodes.

Apple TV

The Boys on Roku

Apple TV is one of the most favored streaming services in the US. The Office episodes are available at $1.99/ episode On-Demand here. And the subscription to Apple TV costs $4.99/month after the one-week trial it offers to new accounts.

In Conclusion

We have talked about the various ways you can get The Boys on your Roku Streaming device. Although there are alternative ways, the best choice, in my opinion, is getting Amazon Prime Video from the Roku Channel Store. This only costs you the Monthly Subscription plan, which is $8.99/month. On all the other streaming platforms, you have to spend $1.99/episode, which can be a hefty sum for the two seasons combined. And a subscription on Amazon Prime Video doesn’t limit your viewing experience to one show; you can watch all that the Amazon video library has to offer!